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EKUGRAD has 47 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, CNS and specializes in Psychiatric / Forensic Nursing.

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  1. I am reminded of the old Fox News motto, "We report. You decide.". I try to present as much as I can, within the recipient's ability to understand, and allow them the autonomy of their own lives. I believe (my opinion!) that the U.S. has all but ab...
  2. "Addiction" Nursing is an outdated term.

    Me: 38 years treating people with addictions (and several hundred other diseases). 22 years clean by the Grace of God and the power of Narcotics Anonymous. Remember that medical "diagnosis" is the realm of medical practitioners. We specialize in th...
  3. Any Online AA meetings for nurses?

    I go to the "Couch" NA meeting daily at 6:00 PM. Go to https://virtual-na.org/meetings/" to find on-line meetings 24/7, around the world. On any given day, there are over 2000 meetings available. I really love the Couch meeting. Our pas...
  4. Sorry. wrong button. I have been a RN for 44 years. CNA for 2 years before getting my LPN. Then 5 years later, BSN, 13 years later, MSN (Psych). I have done all those jobs plus many more. I. always tried to do my best and learn the job well. I a...
  5. I have been a RN 4 years. I have done all of those jobs to the best of my abili
  6. Male SANE ?

    Hello, all. I have been working forensic psych for many years and have always had a question when reading forensic nursing forums. Is there such an animal as a male RN/MSN etc. SANE ? Not that is a career goal or even one that I would necessarily ...
  7. Psych Nurse Report Sheet

    I got nothin'
  8. Wow ! Wuzzie. You knew Dr King and James W ?
  9. Cowboy96; Please do us all a favor and drop out of nursing school or change your major. I do not want you caring for me in the ED.
  10. Bringing in the Boys: How to Attract More Male Nurses

    Would anyone in today's world ever title an article, "Bring in the girls"? The title reminds me of a sorority that is deciding to go coed. The language of this title may actually subtly focus the problem with bringing men into nursing. There is a m...
  11. Do these scrubs make my butt look big!?

    Unisex scrubs are like a small, country hotel; no ballroom.
  12. Dodged a swift kick to the face today

    Here ! Here ! In 8 years of locked psych/forensic units I had same as you. Three trips to the ER, total of 210 days off for "Assault injury" on full pay. Also, while taking down a little 60 y/o lady who was punching me in the face, she came down ...
  13. It's all ***** and giggles until someone giggles and *****.
  14. I thought only nurses would have a forum for discussing poop adventures but Buzz Feed has even more !
  15. I worked at a state psychiatric hospital for 8 years. This was a "worst of the worst" facility for psychiatric care and forensic evaluation. The nursing units were organized around a central locked nurses station. There was a staff toilet in the c...