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Hello, all. I have been working forensic psych for many years and have always had a question when reading forensic nursing forums. Is there such an animal as a male RN/MSN etc. SANE ? Not that is a career goal or even one that I would necessarily agree with. Mostly curiosity. I about to fully retire and do occasional consulting. Love to read this forum.

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I've never seen one where I work. The vast majority of victims are females, but even male victims are overwhelmingly victimized by men.

Basically, rape is a crime perpetuated by men, with very rare exceptions. It's not a time to foist a social engineering agenda of gender equality on a vulnerable victim IMO.

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Good question about a male SANE but right, it doesn't seem to make much sense. I would doubt there would be much of a need or acceptance of it. I agree with emergent about it not being a gender equality issue or similar. If there was more male rape or sexual assault, then sure, it could make sense. Otherwise, probably ain't going to happen. Awesome question to discuss, EKU!

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I am male and trained as a SANE but couldn't work the schedule. I am aware of a few others around the country. There is evidence that a positive male interaction following a sexual trauma can be theraputic for victims. But not all victims are female, and not all perps are male. A SANE should be a competent, compassionate, professional. Please let's work to break down barriers not perpetuate sexism.

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