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GatorMikeRN BSN

ICU, IMC- Med/Surg. Nuring Ed., NCLEX- RN & PN
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GatorMikeRN has 16 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU, IMC- Med/Surg. Nuring Ed., NCLEX- RN & PN.

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  1. GatorMikeRN

    Is anyone else afraid of becoming a nurse?

    It is scary going in to and becoming a nurse but since I've been working with students over their nursing school "lifetime," a huge key is gaining confidence. That's what made the difference for me. When you assess that patient well and discover something's not right and the MD is notified and gets involved or you get that IV on the first try(after not getting it on several attempts before), when you discharge that patient with their loved one and you know your care made the difference- that boosts your confidence way high and you start to say- I can do this! It's ok to be scared but not paralyzed. Nursing is not for everyone but those who persevere and keep learning and keep going- this profession is for you. You can do it!
  2. GatorMikeRN

    Bold and Brassy or Smart and Strategic?

    I'm in agreement with Nurse Beth. Get out and be bold. I have done similar and it comes down to- Who would a manager want to hire? the RN who's showing up and calling or not? If I were in a hiring position, I would tend to think the RN who's knocking on doors and making things happen(just like we need to with our patients as their advocate). Best of luck in your endeavors and you can do it!
  3. GatorMikeRN

    8 Ways to be Responsible for Your Education

    Wow, this is a great article that covers a lot of great ground on putting you in the driver seat of your learning! I agree with it and want to add that it might be good to pick 1 or 2 of the suggestions on how to be proactive and then add as you grow. I know for me, it can feel overwhelming to try to implement all of these(which isn't what was suggested). I especially liked the idea on orientation experiences- ask, ask, ask to learn! You will stand out on your unit and I'm sure other nurses will say, "Hey, you want to see (fill in the blank)?" or "Want to try (something you've always wanted to try)?" Awesome suggestion! One suggestion on being proactive- be open, willing and excited to floating wherever you work. (ok take a deep breath, relax, let me share why) Why?!?!? So glad, you asked- it shows you have a great attitude, you will learn a new patient population and you'll rub shoulders with other nurses and HCPs on another floor. If you do the above suggested items, you are preparing yourself for a float with flying colors because you have established yourself as a learner and open to new challenges.
  4. GatorMikeRN

    Male SANE ?

    Good question about a male SANE but right, it doesn't seem to make much sense. I would doubt there would be much of a need or acceptance of it. I agree with emergent about it not being a gender equality issue or similar. If there was more male rape or sexual assault, then sure, it could make sense. Otherwise, probably ain't going to happen. Awesome question to discuss, EKU!
  5. GatorMikeRN

    60 Year Old Unemployed Male Nurse

    Great question related to age and health. I think the other posts were certainly adequate and give great suggestions. Being a male and thinking about patient care in the future, I certainly am concerned about health and having the physical ability to lift and care for patients that helps them the best. I have done telephone advice nursing and there were other nurses there who could not physically take care of patients but there knowledge of patient care was fantastic. It's best to have experience though. LTC/LTAC could be an option and looking for shorter shifts which seems harder to find these days. Thanks for bringing up a great topic to discuss!

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