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  1. Fundamentals is the first 7 weeks of the semester which is followed by Med-Surg which is the last 7 weeks of the semester. Both classes have a lab component where you’ll be hands-on with your classmates as well as the simulation mannequins. The remaining classes are Health Assessment (w/ lab), Patho-Pharmacology, and Spirituality. During the entire 1st semester the schedule is like: Monday - Clinicals 7am-7pm (time varies depending on clinical instructor) Tuesday - Health Assessment 8am-10am, Lab 12pm-4pm, Spirituality 5pm-8:30pm Wednesday - Funds or Med-Surg 8am-11am, Lab 12pm-4pm Thursday - Funds or Med-Surg 8am-11am Friday - Patho-Pharm 2:30pm-5:30pm The cohort is divided into two groups; A and B, so everyone doesn’t have the same exact schedule. For example, some students have clinicals on a different day. Clinicals started during my 4th week of Fundamentals and has been every Monday since then being that I’m now in Med-Surg.
  2. Hi!! I’m currently an ABSN student and I’m very pleased in my decision in attending Concordia. The workload is exactly what you expect an accelerated program to be; intense, challenging and slightly stressful, however it’s doable. Feel free to ask specific questions, I was in your shoes about 2 months ago so I understand the anticipation :)
  3. Uptown.NurseNY

    Concordia College NY Spring '19 ABSN

    Hi everyone! I recently got accepted to Concordia's first Spring enrolled cohort and figured I'd start a thread. Anyone else apply or accepted yet?
  4. Uptown.NurseNY

    Concordia NY Fall 2018

    Is anyone else waiting to hear back from admissions?
  5. Uptown.NurseNY

    Cochran School of Nursing Fall 2018

    Good luck to everyone who is going to apply to Cochran School of Nursing (CSN) for the upcoming fall semester! I'm so glad I found out about this program when I did. I was highly considering going into a 2nd degree accelerated BSN program (I'm actually waiting for the Deans approval as I type) and then eventually moving forward to an NP program. However, after recent research I'm now aware that in order to get your Masters in nursing there are programs that you can enter with a non-nursing Bachelors and a RN license. This info is pretty much saving me at least 25-30k! In addition to the savings, I'm really pleased with the great reviews I've been reading so far. I'm hoping I can go in and speak with an admissions counselor and get a tour of the school sooner than later. Anyone else looking forward to Fall '18 applications, especially the evening session?
  6. Uptown.NurseNY

    Concordia NY Fall 2018

    Hi everyone! I applied to the Fall ‘18 program as well. I sent in my application in the middle of September, however I just took my TEAS today. I wonder how long before they review my whole package being that I took the TEAS late. Good luck to everyone who applied!