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    Nurse and military wife

    Do you know where you will be moving yet? There is Facebook group with military spouses all over the US. It's a great place to network with people who know what you are going through as a military spouse and as a nurse trying to have a career. Log into Facebook | Facebook
  2. ShomshorRN

    Nursing Student Military Spouse/2 kids; advice please.

    Hi, I made a group for Military Spouse Nurses so we can help each other out with things like this! Log into Facebook | Facebook
  3. I am a military spouse moving to the Wilmington, NC area from Pensacola, FL. I am established with an electrophysiologist in Pensacola whom I am both a patient and co-worker of. I was a Cardiac nurse and worked closely with the cardiologists at my hospital so when I needed one I felt very comfortable choosing the right one. Now that I am moving I find the idea of choosing a new doctor overwhelming as I don't know anything about any of them. There is only so much the Internet can tell you. I'm hoping to find a nurse on here that works/has worked at New Hanover Regional Medical Center and can recommend a good cardiologist (must specialize in electrophysiology) that is both competent and compassionate.

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