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  1. az_nrsg08

    Thinking about moving...

    Hello to my fellow Washington Nurses! I am thinking about moving to Washington and would like your input and opinions. How is the job market out there for new grad RN/BSNs and LPNs with experience? What are some of the suburbs that are "affordable" that have good schools nearby for kids? It will be a big change (a nice one though) for my family coming from Arizona (although originally from IL). I would really appreciate your honest opinions regarding moving to your state! Thanks.
  2. Super excited and very thankful that I got accepted into Chamberlain's PHX campus! Will be starting in the Fall of this year. Any success tips from alumni/current students out there? Would love to hear from you :)
  3. az_nrsg08

    Carrington College RN Program

    Just looking for any current students/alumni thoughts and opinions about this program. Also I have questions such as: How is the admission process? Do they use the HESI A2 or Kaplan for their entrance exam? What are the topics on those exams and how did you review for them? Any advice would be great and I would appreciate it! Thanks :)
  4. az_nrsg08

    Estrella Mountain Community College Nursing Program

    Awesome! Thanks again for answering my questions. I really appreciate it :) Congrats with getting into the nursing program and Good luck with everything! Sounds like you're on the road to success. I hope to be there too in the near future!
  5. az_nrsg08

    Estrella Mountain Community College Nursing Program

    Thank you for your reply! The English part of the HESI A2 - Did that just consist of reading passages, vocab and grammar? What University did you choose if you don't mind me asking and what influenced your decision to go with that University for the CEP? Sorry for all the questions. Just curious! :)
  6. I am interested in applying for the nursing program at this college. Could really use the advice of any current or former alumni from this particular program especially if they have of are doing the CEP. What I am interesting in knowing is: waiting list? How was the HESI A2? How do they let you know you got accepted into the program? Thanks!