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  1. Booboobear89

    Can my job make me change departments?

    I am a family nurse practitioner working in pediatrics in a School Based Health Center. I haven't worked with adults in over 5 years and when I did it was only for 6 months. I don't feel comfortable with adult primary care. Since our schools are closed my work is considering moving me to the adult side. Is this legal? My offer letter states I work following the public school schedule so I don't think they can... but I am not sure. My job description says I am to provide services to all children registered in the SBHC. Thanks!
  2. Booboobear89

    Prospect Medical Holdings take over?d

    Has anyone's hospital been taken over by Prospect Medical Holdings? Mine may be and I want to know what to expect if they do. My understanding is they don't like giving much vacation and they don't match retirement plans. Specific to my job, does anyone know if they have nurse educators? I am an Emergency Department nurse educator and with the research I have done it looks like they do not have unit-specific educators. Any insight would be great!! Thank you!!

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