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Can my job make me change departments?

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I am a family nurse practitioner working in pediatrics in a School Based Health Center. I haven't worked with adults in over 5 years and when I did it was only for 6 months. I don't feel comfortable with adult primary care. Since our schools are closed my work is considering moving me to the adult side. Is this legal? My offer letter states I work following the public school schedule so I don't think they can... but I am not sure. My job description says I am to provide services to all children registered in the SBHC.



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It all depends on what your contract says specifically. Most facilities are smart enough to put a clause in there that allows for flexibility by stating "other duties are required" or something along that line, essentially covering themselves in a situation like this.

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I understand your concern and if I had to start working peds it would be a problem. However, is the alternative no work? I would want to know that before I made a fuss about a transfer. Unless I had other work opportunities I could go to....

I don't see how this would be illegal....

Not wise, probably, seeing you have scant adult care experience, but you are an FNP, and so therefore, well within your scope of practice and educational training to care for the adult population. They could very well argue that point if you made a fuss or took legal action.

You are free to decline the transfer and accept the risk associated with that, but again, I don't see anything illegal about this🤷‍♀️

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Agree with the previous posts. It seems as if your employer is attempting to keep you in a paycheck short of paying you to stay home and do nothing. I don't see malice on the surface of it. You should discuss this with your immediate supervisor or the HR person who is communicating with you. If it really poses a problem for you, then you must consider finding your own alternatives. Good luck.