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    National Student Nursing Association

    Are any of you members? I am going to join...do a search for NSNA and check it out....I think it might be helpful to list that you are a memeber when applying for scholarships and such...what do you think?
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    Preadmission Exam for Nursing School

    Well guys I took the NLN today and I have to say it wasn't easy and I am worried(of course i am a chronic worrier so...) For anyone who hasn't had experience with this exam.....3 parts.....1st verbal/reading/vocab....80 questions in 60 minutes. 2nd math....54 questions....60 minutes.....3rd science....80 questions...60 minutes. No pee breaks...5 minute stretch break between sessions and if you had to go to the bathroom you had to go one at a time during your test taking time. 214 questions of which 200 count....I need 100 to pass for my school. I ran out of time on reading and vocab and think I ended up with 5 blank though so thers 5 and same thing with math......these were not easy math problems...they were hard and I don't know how many didn't get an answer. In hindsight I wish I had filled in something, but it's too late now. I am guessing I had 20-25 blank from running out of time so I am now terrified. I am really strong in reading and vocab though so I am hoping that I got alot of those right and hopefully at least 20 math....that would leave half the science right to get my 100........please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!! Thanks.....I have to wait a couple of weeks for the results now....and I am not patient!
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    B honest, how many B or C students are out there?

    I don't visit here very often anymore....maybe once a week so I just saw this post.....I was a 4.0 for the first year of school....excited and all. Then I hit some of my harder pre-reqs and was thrilled to get a C in Chemistry and Algebra....since my GPA has dropped...I went into Nursing school and was thrilled to get a B in it. I have since realized....I don't have to have a 4.0 as long as I can survive school and keep my family together. We live by the motto....C=RN!!!!!
  4. Robin61970

    Mom's who are students...

    Lots of late nights with little sleep....TV dinners and paper plates. My house is never truly clean and sometimes I feed my kids cereal for dinner the night before a big test. It is a sacrifice, but I know in the end it will be worth it.....I do only get 4 hours of sleep alot of nights, but it is what it takes. You can do it!!
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    Whew... I passed

    One of the girls in my class ended with a 92.3 or something like that.....wouldn't it suck to be that close to an A?
  6. Robin61970

    Whew... I passed

    Woot!!!! Glad to hear it! I also passed it all. I got an 85 on the final and ended the semester with a B so I am thrilled!!
  7. Robin61970

    My class must be bad.

    Yes, but our program you have to get a 75 to pass EACH test....if you get below a 75 they kick you out of the program...it is not cumulative GPA. Every test there is a chance of failing out. And the "retake" is so much harder than the original...I found that out.
  8. Robin61970

    My class must be bad.

    Thanks....I am just trying to stay positive...I think I can....I think I can....
  9. Robin61970

    My class must be bad.

    No Nurs2be...Nursing diagnosis.....I let my personal issues get in the way of studying.....I can't let that happen again. I just want to point out that I would much rather have it where we had an average for the semester.....it is nervewracking to know that you could fail out for not getting a 75 on any test....there are 5 tests....the final and a math exit exam....less than a 75....retake.....you are gone.....it is very stressful. I know of people who have failed on test 5....one week before the final....it is scary.....
  10. Robin61970

    My class must be bad.

    At my school the policy is....you take the test and if you fail you take the retake. If you fail the retake you are out of the program. If you miss on test day then the retake is the only chance you get to pass the test....if you fail you are out of the program. On the retake the highest grade you can get is a 75. Even if you get a 90....your recorded score is a 75. Only a couple of exceptions have been made....one guy they sent home(he had the flu) and another had a doctors note.... I failed my first test on Monday and have retake this monday...keep your fingers crossed......
  11. Robin61970

    Any anyone used Topamax for weight loss?

    I took Topamax for migraine control and lost 10 pounds in a few months...mainly because it makes all carbonated beverages taste nasty and you can't drink sodas,LOL
  12. Robin61970

    1st semester students...gimme an update!

    I too am having a rough time with school, but I can do the work and such required....had a B at mid term, it is the personal problems that are giving me hell and making it hard to concentrate on school. I want to make it through this semester and if my hubby and I don't make some sort of decision over the summer I am taking next semester off to deal with this. I would rather take a semester off than fail out because I can't take the stress of my personal life....
  13. Robin61970

    Should teachers be CPR certified?

    I took First Aid and the majority of the others in my class were Elementary Ed majors so it is required here......thank goodness. YES YES YES.....teachers should know CPR and heimlich!!!!
  14. Robin61970

    Anyone else interested in Forensic Nursing?

    One of my instructors is a forensic nurse......
  15. Robin61970

    I'm in shock.

    Woot!! Glad to here it....
  16. Robin61970

    Fin Aid - Bonus?

    I also would contact Fin Aid and ask about it....if they made a mistake and catch it you would be expected to pay it back. Also, anyone know about Uncle Sam's extra fund for nursing students? (grants, etc?) I don't know anything about this.....
  17. I found out today that a young man that used to be in our Nursing class(he failed out, but was reapplying) had a four wheeler accident on Thursday. He broke his neck in three places and will definitely be paralyzed from the waist done, but are not sure about everything else....they think it will be from the nipple area down. He was such an energetic sweet boy and this is so sad for him and his family. He wasn't even 21 yet so please send thoughts and prayers for his family.
  18. Robin61970

    Prayers and thoughts for this family Please....

    No real news yet....as some comes in I will tell you......
  19. Wow....clinicals this week and I just feel so unprepared and scared. Everyone is kind of scared so I figure this is normal...just wanted to share...
  20. Robin61970

    First clinicals this week and I am scared,LOL

    Woot!!! Nurs2be...you just made my day......those cluster sheets confuse me more than they help me.......I will make it....I keep telling myself....you know like the little engine that could? LOL
  21. Robin61970

    Prayers needed

    ((((((HUGS))))))) Keep your chin up and get better so you can get back in school!
  22. Robin61970

    First clinicals this week and I am scared,LOL

    No meds today so no critical incident..passed it with 100 this afternoon. My client from yesterday went home last night so I got a new one and have to REDO ALL my paperwork that I spent 9 hours on last night...I am so irritated.....oh well....won't be the first or the last time I'm sure.
  23. Robin61970

    First clinicals this week and I am scared,LOL

    Well..the clinical part wasn't that bad....after my client told me I could touch him any time and tried to look down my shirt that is,LOL. I think I got all the info I needed...it was such a blur that I am praying. Now I have to sit down and do.....PA paperwork, Cluster sheet....plan of care.....Medical management profile...and pharmacology worksheet...all due at 8 AM in the morning. I'll be up all night..... Now for the bad....I was sick and out with Dr's note the day of math test for meds.....took it with no clue what to expect and failed. Retook the next day thinking I could do it and missed one too many. Took it today....had one right that I really felt was wrong so I changed it.....then I was working one and the teacher asked me something...lost my train of thought and forgot to put my 0 in front of .67 so I failed it again by missing one too many. I am SO upset...all of this because of stupid mistakes. I will probably get written up a critical incident tomorrow because I have not passed this test yet. I am devastated...it is not that hard....warm thoughts please.....thanks for the support....
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    Prayers and thoughts for this family Please....

    Ms Flower is wonderful...I am so glad I picked her for my first clinical instructor...with all of my trials and tribulations this semester she has been really good to me. Ms Bates has also been wondeful to me. How are you doing with the situation? How are your classmates? Take care....
  25. Robin61970

    Prayers and thoughts for this family Please....

    I know....a couple of weeks ago a nursing student died. She wasn't in my class, but Nurs2be was in class with her and it was hard on alot of the students. She said at the time that it really puts things into perspective. I think he would have been a wondeful asset and it's so sad....

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