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  1. Surgical wound care

    Is surgical wound care considered a daily skill? I have a patient who's surgical wound requires packing with iodoform twice a day. Rehab wants to discharge home. I'm wondering if this patient can be covered under Medicare A for surgical wound care BI...
  2. Skilled Wound Care

    What makes a wound skillable under Medicare A guidelines?
  3. Expired on day of Admission

    Hello! We had a new admission who was admitted under Med A at 5PM and expired at 11:55PM the same day of admission. Should I open a 5-day assessment? I'm not sure because I think we cannot bill for that day...
  4. Modification-- interview sections

    Hello. Activity Director is asking if the F section can be modified due to a coding error. But I'm not sure if interview sections can be modified... can they?
  5. section 1135 waiver still in effect??

    Nevermind! I found it...
  6. section 1135 waiver still in effect??

    Hello, I haven't seen any new information on if the 1135 blanket waiver. Has it been extended past 4/21/21? I've read, "These waivers have been renewed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services multiple times, most recently on January ...
  7. Significant Change- Hospice

    Hello, When should a Sig Change MDS be opened for a Resident who was discharged from Hospice services? Resident was d/c from hospice effected 7/20, so I opened the sig change for 8/2 (14 days after Hospice--- because section O "Hospice Care within th...
  8. Hi- I'm unable to send a Private message.. not sure why. I was wondering if I could have the password for the GG trackers

    1. Talino


      Password - loveanurse

    2. GenaP


      Thank you!!

  9. Section GG Tracker

    Hello my fellow MDS people! I was wondering if anyone has a section GG tracker they would be willing to share with me? The one I am currently using it kind of all over the place. I was attempting to make my own but my brain is having some trouble.
  10. Hello, Just wondering how you all stay organized? I have stacks of papers everywhere-- from discharged records to hospital records to adl trackers and whatever misc papers need to go into the closed records. Any tips would help!
  11. crushing meds, best foods to disguise taste

    I recently saw Teepa Snow, renowned educator in dementia... and she said Strawberry Jam as it is very sweet and the not quite smooth texture can hide pills better than applesauce or puddings. I haven't tried it yet, but her explanation made everyone ...

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