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  1. SquatsNScrubs

    I need my instructor

    It wasn’t that along ago that I was a student nurse, but alas... In my ADN program, as long as we were being supervised by an RN we were allowed to do tasks (dressing changes, IV start, insertion of foleys/NGs, etc). At my current gig at a large teaching hospital, I try to seek out these opportunities for students when they arise and offer to walk them though it. However, many of them tend to respond “oh I can’t do that unless my instructor watches me” even if it’s a simple dressing change...and these are last-term students that will be graduating in a few months. Some of these students have never inserted a Foley on a real person! One instructor frequently has 8 or 9 students, so it might take hours for a dressing change to happen if the instructor is busy helping with med passes. Is this normal for nursing programs nowadays? I could approach the instructor about it, but I’m still new and she has probably been an ICU RN longer than I’ve been alive.
  2. THIS!!! When I worked med-surg, I had a totally aaox3 patient throw a fit and demand for me to get out of her room because I wouldn’t spoon feed her her pudding when she had 2 fully functional upper extremities. Told her that if she wasn’t able to feed herself we would have to consult social work to get her placed in a nursing facility at discharge. She was then miraculously able to use her arms
  3. Don’t agree to be on call/downstaff unless you have the PTO! You would have so much more money saved for a down payment on a house right now. Also, pack your lunch more often. Cafeteria meals are overpriced and generally unhealthy.
  4. SquatsNScrubs

    Whiskey peg tube flush?

    Wow! My apologies for the inaccurate assumptions. I’m sure your experience living in different parts of the world has served you well in your career. I’ve only worked in community hospitals, so viewing rooms (aka theaters) are an unfamiliar concept to me.
  5. SquatsNScrubs

    Whiskey peg tube flush?

    Not a clue. Stocked in the med room in unlabeled travel size bottles...probably whatever is cheapest. Particularly unpleasant smelling when mixed with prosource!
  6. SquatsNScrubs

    Whiskey peg tube flush?

    Katie-you hit the nail on the head with your response! Patient has NKA, I am guessing utilization of ETOH over Ativan is merely the surgeon (and pt’s!) preference. Peak, I am also guessing you are not from the US, as evidenced by your use of the term “theater” (never heard anyone from the US refer to the operating room as such). The patient did receive a j-tube and not a peg tube, my mistake. Patient was instructed to abstain from alcohol use for 4 weeks prior to surgery. However, as nurses, we can attest that patients are not always 100% adherent to treatment recommendations...especially those that have a history of chronic alcohol consumption..which perhaps is one of the causative factors of his diagnosis in the first place?
  7. SquatsNScrubs

    Whiskey peg tube flush?

    Been working in CTICU for a few weeks now. Post-op esophagectomy patient is suspected to be going through ETOH withdrawal. Still NPO. Surgeon is very picky about administration of sedatives or meds that can compromise the pulmonary or circulatory system. Treatment of choice? 30 mL whiskey via peg tube q4 hours for anxiety/agitation! Anyone else done this?