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  1. robin1966doc

    How much do u like nursing? Scale of 1 to 10

    Since i'm optimist, ill say most days i'd rate nursing at a 9 1/2. After 12 days straight, ill rate it a 9, but i still love what i do.
  2. robin1966doc

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    its funny... thats almost my story to a T. I wonder how many nurses start out this way
  3. robin1966doc

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    When i was a kid, my mother went to a LPN program. She graduated when i was about 12. Because we lived in a really small town, she advanced quickly and even as a LPN became the Director of Nursing of a small nursing home. I saw her work hard with very little thanks. The only thing she ever told me about my career plans, was dont go into nursing, it was thankless. So, of course, when i was about 23, I went into a LPN program. My love, like my mother, was geriatrics. Spent the next 14 years working in a nursing home, and despite what everyone else told me i should like, I loved ever second of it. I decided then, that I wanted to go further my dream. I filled out the application for a BSN program, and got accepted the first year. Two years later i was sitting in front of a computer taking my boards at 40 years old with a bunch of young "kids" sitting around me. Now i'm a RN, still working at the same nursing home i started at as an aide 21 years ago, and still loving every minute of it. Its still thankless at times, and my job is sure different than it was all those years ago, but maybe because i dont know how to do anything but nursing, or maybe i'm actually good at it, what ever, Im a nurse and love every second of it. :pumpiron:

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