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alh24 has 5 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN.

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  1. alh24

    Question- OR to PACU

    I work in the OR currently...however, I did start at my hospital as a new grad in the PACU. I do not think I would recommend any do that, as I feel like I struggled because I did not have any sort of baseline. I agree with above though, that it is facility dependent.
  2. alh24

    New Traveler

    I am looking to start traveling within the next year. Any agency recommendations, tips or tricks? Thank you in advance!
  3. alh24

    LPN to RN pay

    As an RN, I started at $6 something more an hour than I did as an LPN.
  4. alh24

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    Some of these results are just incredible. I'm a new nurse and I still get a little nervous about anything more than a just a little bit out of the norm. lol
  5. alh24

    LVN Charge nurse with no LTC Exp is it worth it?

    I was a charge nurse for a LTC facility as a brand new LPN, before I became an RN. I took care of 50 residents by myself, with the help of a med tech and 4-5 CNAs. Luckily, most of the people I worked with were wonderful...as a charge nurse, if you have an extra few minutes, help out your CNAs. It will pay off, trust me. But overall, it was hard. I did all of the treatments, charting residents in/out, ordering medications/lab draws, communicating with the doctor/wound team/pharmacy/residents family/etc, setting up appointments, skin assessments...I was also responsible for certain things that med techs are not able to do, such as lovenox shots and hanging IV antibiotics. Our med techs were certified to do insulin and handle narcotics, but some facilities don't allow that, you would have to check with yours. Also, the charting could be ridiculous. You would have to chart the same thing in like four different places. However, it really was all doable unless something unexpected happened...like a fall, death, hospital transfer, etc. It was SO rewarding too, though. You get to know them so well (over years, instead of days) and it becomes pretty easy to tell when someone isn't acting like their usual. LTC is a place where you really do feel like you can make a difference and I loved that. I hope you the best with whatever you decide! LTC can really make for a wonderful career!
  6. alh24

    Brand new nurse already OVERWHELMED and panicking

    I am a new grad as well and I can completely relate! I feel like a moron at least daily haha.
  7. alh24


    I agree with you. I did not think that I was coming off like that. I specifically said "it seems like" & that I planned to talk with my manager about it. That is actually why I wrote this post in the first place...because I am not sure.
  8. alh24


    The charge nurse did not elaborate, however that is what it seems like (from talking with other people with hospital experience, starting at the same hospital). It just seems like the word has been used very negatively, overall. I just do not want to start out my first hospital nursing job with everyone automatically disliking me/not wanting to help me out, based on this overhire status thing.
  9. alh24


    Hello all! So, I am a brand new RN, as of last month. I was offered a position at a local hospital this last March, for their nurse residency program. My orientation started Monday, and I just met the charge nurse of the unit that I will be working on yesterday. I had only met the unit manager, previously. The charge nurse took me around with another new grad, that is starting with me. After the unit tour, she was just talking with us and said "oh, by the way, you're an overhire". Having never worked in the hospital setting before, I was not sure what this meant, so I just responded generally and then moved on. However, after reading about this, I am worried! I realize that I need to talk to my manager about this, but has anyone else here ever been an "overhire" and does this mean that everyone on the unit is really going to automatically not like me/going to give me a hard time? Because, basically, that is what it seems like (from reading other articles/blog posts). I was never told this during or after my interview/acceptance of the position. The other new grad working with me is not an overhire. I talked to an experienced nurse, who used to be a nurse manager and she stated that this charge nurse should have never told me that and that I should maybe look into changing units, if possible. Any other thoughts? I am worried!
  10. alh24

    Any Park University Applicants For Fall 2015?

    Congrats! I got accepted as well!
  11. alh24

    Any Park University Applicants For Fall 2015?

    I just took the test today...with about 15 other people. The proctor said that they would only be accepting 40 and that about 70 applied. I am glad that we will know if we got accepted around June 1st though, as I was thinking that we wouldn't hear until the 15th!