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  1. kmn1

    Graceland University FNP Summer 2013

    eight pennies I'm applying. Did you get in and start the program? I'd love to hear your experience so far.
  2. kmn1

    **Deciding between FNP schools - HELP**

    NurseEmme any chance you can get your friend on here to tell us what she likes and doesn't like about Simmons? Or connect us PM?
  3. kmn1

    Frontier vs Simmons

    Can anyone who has recently graduated from either of these schools speak to the pros and cons you experienced? Also, can experienced NPs who have worked with students and new grads from these schools speak to how well prepared they were? Also, experienced NPs please comment on the general reputation of each school. Thanks!
  4. Can someone who is attending Simmons FNP program share what you like and don't like? I found abysmal reviews here: Simmons College Reviews - Is it a good college? but people on allnurses forums and reviews https://allnurses.com/schools/16-simmons-college-nursing seem to like the school so I'm not sure what to think...
  5. Can anyone suggest alternatives to Frontier that are online, can be done in 2 years, are reasonably affordable, and don't require more than a few trips to campus? If you suggest a school, please share some of what you like and don't like about the school. Thank you!
  6. Hello, I'm having a heck of a time finding average NP salaries in Northern BC. Does anyone know the average hourly salaries up there and how they compare to RN salaries in the same region? It seems like salaries fluctuate greatly from province to province and region to region. Thank you!
  7. kmn1

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2017-2018

    That's good news...they phrase things so strangely, like after you submit it says you've submitted your intent to accept the scholarship, but actually you've electronically signed the contract already. I hope we have better access to knowledgeable people who run the program once we are actually in the program!
  8. kmn1

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2017-2018

    Does anyone know what happens after the paperwork is submitted? I submitted my paperwork and electronically signed contract. Do we get a "real" contract that we have to sign in person? If so, when will that arrive and how long do we have to sign it? I very happy to be offered the chance at being in the program, but I'm going backpacking this Wednesday for a week and afraid I will miss a short-notice required response...for any other backpacking trip I'd just cancel but this is into the zone of eclipse totality-a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see it in my home state.
  9. kmn1

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2017-2018

    I got the email too! I'll be an FNP student starting in September.
  10. kmn1

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2017-2018

    Are you folks doing your resume LITERALLY in chronological order (ie from oldest to newest)? They say chronological order, but I'm thinking they mean reverse chronological order, from newest to oldest... That's pretty standard for resumes...
  11. kmn1

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2017-2018

    For GPA, they told me that they aren't totally anal about it, to use my judgement, and that they want to see science or nursing courses, so if your last completed degree didn't have any science (mine was in history) to use your prerequisite GPA, if you had several terms to show.
  12. kmn1

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2017-2018

    Yes, according to page 36 of the Nurse Corps Guidance PDF (you can download it off the Nurse Corps Scholarship page) a permanent residency card suffices. It says: b. Documentation of Status as a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or Lawful Permanent Resident Proof of U.S. citizenship or U.S. national status may include a copy of a birth certificate issued by a city, county, or state agency in the United States, the identification page of a valid U.S. passport, or a certificate of citizenship or naturalization.  A permanent resident card, driver's license, marriage certificate, or social security card are not acceptable as proof of U.S. Citizenship.
  13. kmn1

    NURSE Corps 2017-2018

    Just wanted to let you know I got more (still somewhat vague) information yesterday. Someone on the conference call asked about essay length. The director of the program said it should be less than 5,000 characters and under 1 page. She replied her essays are less than 5,000 characters but about a page and a half. He replied, and I quote, "Well, we aren't too picky about that." So...I decided to expand my essays a bit because you can't say much in 250 words. Mine are now each between 450 and 510 words, and 2,500 and 3,000 characters, and less than one page at 1.15 spacing, 12 font, Times New Roman. I'm hoping that is acceptable. Wish they'd be more clear! Sheesh.
  14. kmn1

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2017-2018

    HRSA emailed it to me today but thank you for offering :)
  15. kmn1

    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2017-2018

    I was on that conference call--it was so frustrating! I waited an hour and a half and not only did they not answer my question, now I have more questions! For example, they said that DNP is tier 2, but they said that a graduate nurse practitioner is tier 1. I am getting a DNP in Nurse Practitioner, so does that make me Tier 1 or Tier 2? For years they have only had enough funds to award tier 1 so this is kind of an important distinction.
  16. Are any of you in the FNP program at OHSU and if so, how many hours per week do you spend total on school, clinicals, study, and transportation? How do you feel the quality of the instructors are? Do the administrators seem to care about the students and are they flexible for non-traditional students with responsibilities such as young children or aging parents? Honesty appreciated.

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