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    UMFK ABSN acceptance!!

    Hey, I just sent you a private message. Should be shown in your inbox. I did UMFK's traditional BSN program, but was sometimes in the same classes with ABSN students.
  2. Larocquh, I am currently attending Palomar. My counselor there told me because I have a total of 3 attemtps in Microbiology this pretty much makes me ineligible for just about every nursing program in the state of California. She printed out a website page of prerequisite requirements and just about university in California only allows 1-2 attempts at a retake. She also told me I wouldn't be able to attend at Palomar because of this. This is why I have searched outside the state of California. I even asked her if I went and got my bachelors degree in human development at CSUSM (that is what my classes met the requirements to get a bachelors degree in), could I then do an accelerated program in California. She told me no, because my prerequisites will still have 3 total attempts at microbiology. So with all of that information, I began to look outside of CA.
  3. I started community college in 2012. This fall would be starting my fifth year if I stayed in community college. I currently have a 2.9 GPA, and with taking 7 classes with getting all A's I would still only come out with a 3.25. My counselor said with the amount of classes I have and the ones from when I first started are lower grades, its harder each semester to increase it. Since I haven't considered getting an associated in nursing, I'm not sure of any requirements - I'm sure I could easily find them online. I'm not sure if this is done at community colleges, as I haven't heard of any community colleges around me, in Southern California that have associates nursing programs. Also, I know one issue I have with some of the BSN programs is the amount of times I have retaken microbiology. California universities only allow one attempt at a retake, and I have three. I also got a C in anatomy and was told by some universities to retake it and theyd accept the highest grade, so I am working on getting an A this semester. Then if I got an associates then what kind of BSN program would I do? I want to assume maybe theres an Associates to Bachelors route? As I most often see either BSN or RN to BSN. Thank you very much for all your information.
  4. When I had called a school in Florida they suggested I get my RN and then do an RN to BSN program. I just keep thinking I don't want everything I've taken at community college to be for nothing, or go towards something different. I have two AA degrees, one in Math and Science and another in Behavioral Science. I knew if I was going to consider private universities it would end up being a lot more, I'm just not sure how many more options I have, without "thorwing away" my 4 years at community college, Other than, going to get a Bachelors in Human development, then do a accelerated BSN Or, I magically get accepted into a BSN program for this fall. My thought was if you were willing to pay more, then it might be lower requirements. I know sometimes private schools are also religious schools and want you to have at least one religious prerequisite course, but I don't have any. Thank you for your reply!
  5. Yeah, I do mean private, non-profit schools. Not, for-profit. I have read things online that "they take anyone" and although you can get your BSN or whatever from them, its not really accredited. I will have obtained two AA degrees from my community college, and just wanted to transfer into a BSN program. I know I cant do accelerated because you have to already have a BS in something else, however, again, my GPA, if i get all A's will only be a 3.25. I have emailed just about every school on the east coast that was public, so far, and all but a few said my GPA was either too low, they didnt take transfers, or they required students to complete prerequisites at the school. My thought was, if I try and look at private schools, maybe the GPA requirement might be lower, and if your willing to pay more then transferring might be easier. I have been using Page not found | Discover Nursing and literally going by state, through the list of BSN programs. I have not looked at the private options though. Thank you for your reply!
  6. I am having a difficult time in finding a BSN program. I have been in community college for 5 years and did not get the best of grades when I first started. I have applied to Northern Arizona, Marshall University and U of North Florida. If I can get all A's in my 7 classes this semester my GPA will be at a 3.25. I know I am running out of options as many nursing programs deadlines have already passed. I currently live in California and am willing to go anywhere. I have emailed many public schools on the east coast and most dont take transfers or require a 3.5 GPA. I just started looking at private schools application deadlines and saw many weren't until April-July to get in this Fall. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on this topic. I currently have 3 attempts in microbiology which also limits me in the schools I would be accepted into. (took it once, got a D, took it again with the same teacher, got a D again.. took it in my last attempt with a different teacher, got an A...) I did get accepted to my local state university but I would not be able to take nursing there. I would have to get my BSN in human development and then after than do an accelerated program. If I could get into a nursing program though, I would prefer to do that then have to wait two more years getting a bachelors in something just for the hell of it, to then get to nursing. Thank you for your advice!
  7. I have seen one or two other posts on this topic but they are from a couple years ago. I have applied to a couple of programs for the Fall 2017 for a BSN. I am going to be finishing up community college in California. I have had to look outside of the state because I took microbiology 3 times, I passed this fall with an A! I should have a 3.2 GPA after this semester. I thought most nursing programs, other than the ones that applications were due in October, had a deadline of March 1st, however when I started calling around some in Missouri had deadlines of Feb 1st. I also haven't taken the TEAS yet, I plan on taking them on March 10th. I have applied to NAU, Marshall University, and will be applying to UNF. I again, cant go to universities in California because they have a 3 retake rule. I have looked into schools in Colorado, none worked out, Texas all seem to want some kind of Texas government class that I don't have. Washington state schools told me my GPA would probably be too low. When I looked up posts on here someone suggested Eastern Michigan University, when I emailed them they said its preferred all prerequisites are taken there because they go on a points system. Central Missouri said a similar thing. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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