Are there schools where, if you get your ADN (RN license), it filters into RN-BSN program


I had previously been looking for BSN programs that I could get into this Fall 2017.

I currently live in California, but had been looking all over the U.S. I have been in community college for 4 years. However, I have three total attempts in microbiology (two D's and one A). I know a lot of advice is if you cannot pass the prerequisites then you more than likely wont do well in the nursing programs. I did not know how competitive things were when I first started community college, I was very naive. I was also working a lot. Within the past year I have gotten All A's and a B. I am currently in 6 classes and am at very high B's and know I need to get A's to finish community college with a 3.25 GPA

After one of my previous posts, a lot of people suggested getting my Associates in nursing to be able to get my RN license.

I believe, still because of my prerequisites I will have to go out of state to get into an ADN program.

I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any out there that "filter" into a RN-BSN program.

I was hoping if I am going to have to move to another state to get my Associates, that hopefully I wouldnt have to move again two years later to find another school that I would then be able to do an RN-BSN program at.

After emailing many schools about their BSN program on the east coast, quite a few said they do not take transfer students. This made me think maybe if schools had both ADN AND BSN programs, if you get your RN license after the ADN program, maybe that school would be more likely to take you into their RN-BSN program.

This might be a long shot. However, I figured I would see if anyone knew of any schools.

I often use the Discover nursing website to check schools, when I was looking for BSN programs. I have noticed some do have ASN and BSN programs..

Schools | Discover Nursing

My dad suggested to me this morning about trying to get my RN through Kaplan (Brightwood), then transfer into a RN-BSN program. I read a couple things about getting your RN through Kaplan (Brightwood) might make it more challenging to get into a universities RN-BSN program because of them having different accreditation. I also dont want my 4 years at community college to go towards nothing, by maybe starting over by doing Kaplans (Brightwoods) ADN program. Again, I could be wrong about the way I am interpreting things.

I still have a lot of research to do, in somewhat a short amount of time :(

Thank you for any advice, and information, I appreciate it all.

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Just get your ADN and then you can do the BSN through myriad schools that offer it online.


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If do an ADN program and get an RN license, are my original prerequisites still looked at, or considered if I go on to get my BSN? As I said, my counselor at school told me even if I went and got my bachelors in anything else, then went to do an accelerated BSN program, I would still have to go out of California because my prerequisites would still be considered and the two retakes of microbiology would still count.


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If you earn an adn, pass nclex and get your RN license, then you will qualify for many different online RN-to-bsn programs. They will not care how many times you repeated your pre reqs, most aren't very picky about gpa either. That sounds like the best bet for you.


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Thank you very much. Again, I was confused on how if even I got a bachelors degree and wanted to do an accelerated BSN program, that my counselor said my prerequisites would still be considered. However, obviously not the case with getting your RN license. Thanks again!