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  1. I really appreciate your response. I agree regarding the strike, I wasn't particular seeking out a strike but felt it may be a short term opportunity that would allow me to test out said theory. I'm more interested in contracting myself out for assignments or rapids. What do you mean by pre-existing contract? Do you mean without you yourself having an established contract with the hospital already. How would you go about creating a contract with a hospital?? What would make a hospital accept you and your rates instead of hiring their own employee as staff? I figured that pitching a rapid or strike would make them much more likely to accept your rates/conditions.
  2. I'm wondering how I can go about contracting myself out for a temporary travel assignment to a specific hospital. Does anyone have any information on this. There is a strike coming up at a hospital, I work at the same hospital but in a completely different region/state and they are independent from each other. After working 1 strike before I realize how important having a resource nurse is who know the charting is to the unit. I would like to highlight my charting experience and the fact that I know the ins and outs of the policy/procedures of this hospital. For those who have contracted independently, do you think this would be possible. I'd like to bill the same rate that the hospital is paying the agency for each nurse. Do you think sending an email to a manager with a thorough cover letter on who I am and how I can help and resume would garner success? Any help on the topic would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  3. newrn93

    What is a unique job that you do that you love?

    I've heard about nurses working for insurance companies! I just don't know exactly what they do and how much experience that they need. Do you look over charts to evaluate medical need, or pay?? If that makes sense. Would you mind elaborating on what you do and how you like working from home? I'm sure there are pros and cons to working from home. 100k is amazing! That's what I make bedside so being able to work from home and make that salary almost sounds too good to be true! Do you find the job stressful? And how many hours per week would you say that you work? Just trying to gain as much information as possible! Thanks for your insight!
  4. newrn93

    What is a unique job that you do that you love?

    I have a little bit of experience in LTC. Didn't realize that there was much room for upward motility. I think that's absolutely amazing that you were able move around, move up, and essentially create your own opportunities. I hope I can do the same! Your job sounds very interesting, I would have to develop my IV skills of course. I'd definitely consider this.
  5. newrn93

    What is a unique job that you do that you love?

    Flatline, that's absolutely amazing and I appreciate your insight! I've heard of PICC line nurses before but never knew about the world of infusion therapy. That sounds really interesting. I also love the part where you were able to bill your own rates and travel to different facilities to use your skills. How lucrative! About a year ago, I became really interested in home health nurses who worked independently and billed medicare/medical directly for their services. I've stopped my research on that, but I feel that being able to use your skills independently is amazing. How did you get your vascular access/PICC line insertion skills? Did you go back to school? Or did you learn the skills through your job? Were you originally a bedside RN, or did you already have those skills from perhaps ICU? Thanks so much
  6. Crazy that I can't call myself a new graduate anymore; however, I am certainly not the most experienced. I've been a bedside RN for about 2 years now. I've been primarily working on a busy neuro/stroke telemetry floor, that used to be step-down (3-1) but is 4-1 now. I love acute care, but I'm ready for a change, and would love to get out of bedside as there are so many options in nursing. It has been relatively hard to figure out what I want to do. I've thought about informatics, research/clinical trials, case management, sales, inventions too! However it's hard to find out what these jobs are actually like aside from their job description. I've heard to flight nursing, entertainment nursing (sounds interesting as I live in the entertainment capital), and boat nursing and would love to hear people's experiences. I'd honestly prefer a non-salary, 3 day/12 hour a week, non bedside job, with the same pay or better than bedside! Don't know if that's possible though LOL. I have my bachelor's degree and I'm more than willing to to obtain my masters IF need be. Would love to hear from those who LOVE their job or those who feel like they have a unique, one-of a kind job. How did you get to where you are? What do you love about your job? What's you pay/hours? Also interested in hearing about those who essentially "created" a job for themselves, perhaps in the organization that they work. Thanks for your stories!
  7. newrn93

    Thoughts on buying a laser hair removal machine

    I appreciate your insight and perspective! I'm aware of at home laser products but I'm nearly 100% positive that that won't work for me. (I'm not the most ideal candidate for treatment), so I figured that buying the specific professional laser that I want would be of most value to me. Tbh my main goal isn't to get treatments for free or to resell the machine but I'd rather have a laser machine for the same price for 6 treatments with all the different areas I want done (Lets just say a lot of hair I searched and saw that they run around $2-5k which is up there but expected. When going for my first treatment one of the RNs was telling me that shes lasered her whole body and whenever she misses a spot or hair comes back she's able to come the same day and zap it away lol. She then paused and said "We'll that's something that I can do not necessarily you guys" lmao. I'd love that freedom and figured I can just do my sister's and friends for the heck of it.
  8. This is a random and not necessarily a nursing related question... I'm a relatively new RN and just about have a year of experience on my belt and finally realized that I can afford laser hair removal lol. I finally started, about a month ago, but realize that its super pricey just for one session. Going to the spa, I realized that there were RNs/NPs/PAs doing treatment and I thought that perhaps buying an ipl laser machine would benefit me price wise in the long wrong. Any thoughts to this? Wouldn't it be of some benefit to have a quality machine even after I have no need for it, such as reselling it etc. Moreover, since I'm an RN, wouldn't it technically be legal for me to use it on myself at least? I'm aware that many RN's are trained by their employer on how to do laser treatments; if I learn then is this plausible? Btw I work in telemetry not cosmetics