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  1. Hi! I am just wondering if your nursing instructors review the exams after they are taken? Like do they give you credit on particular questions where a lot of students didn’t do well?! or do you just submit the exam and that’s it, no review??!! The nursing instructors review the exams in the program I’m in now... But when I was in this same program a few years ago, they did not do that.. is this a new thing?! or a not so common thing? I’m just super curious
  2. ktweis

    HELP! I suck at nursing test questions

    Thank you Hannahbanana! I'm sure there are programs to teach study skills.. I'll have to look into that! I've been looking online at resources and have been looking through a test strategy book we were given at the beginning of the semester.. I've been doing a ton of practice questions from the book and even ones that I've found online.. I usually get between a 60% and 70% on them 😞 I'm great with skills and I'm able to answer almost all questions that are asked in class.. but these questions.... I'm taking my first exam in about an hour.. I'm doing my best to be positive..... wish me luck!
  3. Hi everyone! I just started a nursing program that began in January.. This is my second time starting the program— I had to drop out bc of a very personal issue the first time.. The last time I was in the program, I passed my first pharm test and skills class test with an A... my fundamentals class was another story.. I received a 72.... needed a 76%.. now, I was going thru a very rough time and didn’t think it was the right time for me to be in school.. so I dropped out Fast forward 3 years later— I decided to give nursing school another try- thinking I was ready.... I still don’t think I am We have these lab quizzes that we have to take online.. 6 questions... 10 minutes.. and the last 2 times, I’ve gotten a 4/6– these should be easy points, and I keep messing up!! I have severe test anxiety.. my HR gets waaaaay up there right before a test... I overthink the questions and end up getting them wrong.. we have practice questions for each chapter, that I am terrible at! I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe I am unable to critically think like a nurse... I am a straight A student.. I should be able to do this— but I know nursing school is a whole different ball game.... I have not taken my first exam yet (it’s in less than a week) and I’ve been studying like crazy.... I’m trying to stay positive! but it’s been really difficult.. I’m not going to give up tho!! even if I fail my first exam, I’m going to keep going.. Any advice for a nursing student who is thinking maybe she can’t pass these stupid exams?!
  4. ktweis

    A & P and Microbiology

    I just finished Human Anatomy and Micro!! Took my micro final today and anatomy final yesterday.. micro was by far WAY more difficult.. it was SO much information... labs were fun tho.. I loved anatomy! The practicals were super fun, stressful, but fun... it was just a bunch of memorization which I am good at... taking them together is definitely doable.. I don't work, so my only focus is school tho..
  5. ktweis

    What Kind of Nurse Do You Want To Be?

    Operating Room nurse.. I was a surgery tech b4, so I already have the background... that's what I wanna do now.... but that all may change once I start school
  6. ktweis

    Suggestions/advice on succeeding in A&P class

    I cannot believe you don't have a word bank and that spelling counts! That must be tough.. for your practical, do you have stations set up that have pictures/models/specimens? And do you only have 1 minute at each station? I'm curious how your practicals are set up if you have to write out everything!
  7. ktweis

    What classes are you taking? Fall 2016

    Human Anatomy (we don't take A&P together.. we take them separate) Microbiology I enjoy anatomy much better than microbiology!!
  8. ktweis

    Discouraged about micro

    Thx for all the comments!!! Great news tho... I contacted my professor and asked where I went wrong on the test... turns out, she put my grade in wrong on Blackboard I really got a 57.5/70 (82%) I was depressed and crying for nothing... aaaaaand she didn't even apologize.. I didn' feel a sense of relief after she told me.. I was just upset she didn't say I'm sorry.....!
  9. ktweis

    Withdrawing from BIO 1200

    Is that anatomy?
  10. ktweis

    Discouraged about micro

    I am currently taking my general classes and plan to apply for the nursing program next Fall! Human anatomy and mircrobioloyy are on my schedule right now.. I did really well in biology last semester! Easily received an A.. I am an A student (I know that usually changes once nursing school starts ha) and I am doing well in anatomy currently bc I am very good with memorization and I have an amazing professor.. I am grasping everything pretty quickly.... Microbiology on the other hand.... I received an 18.5/20 on my first online lab quiz... I was very happy with that! Wed we had our first exam.... boy did I bomb it... I studied my ass off and felt pretty good b4 the test began... I didn't bomb it alil, I got a 40/70.... Of course I'm doing the cliche thing... thinking I've made a mistake about wanting to be a nurse... thinking if I fail tests in micro, how the hell am I gonna pass tests in nursing school? Has anyone else completely bombed a test in micro but still ended up with a decent grade? If you did, did tutoring help? I know it's not the end of the world, but I'm just feeling really depressed bc I studied my ass off for nothing.. Thank you for any replies
  11. ktweis

    Test anxiety

    Hey all! I am in pre-nursing and just have a few more things to do b4 I can apply for nursing school.. I have really bad test anxiety (always have) and I also do poorly on multiple choice tests!! (Usually I get between a 70% and 85%, I do not ever fail though) I am assuming most of the tests in nursing school will be primarily multiple choice.. Are they? How are tests in nursing school usually set up? Does anyone have any advice on how I can become a better MC test taker? I am very good at essay tests and having to draw and label diagrams and stuff.. But MC is def my downfall! Does anyone also have any advice on how to help with test anxiety? I'm sure most nursing students have anxiety all day everyday so............