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  1. Bball4334

    Portage Chem 121

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has completed Portage learning Chem 121? Is the final exam really hard? How is the best way to study? Is it repeat questions from all the other module exams? Thanks in advance?
  2. Bball4334

    Resurrection University Applicant Spring 17

    Hi! I am starting the program this summer. I received my schedule for the first semester so I thought I would share it with you just so you have an idea of what it is like. Classes are anywhere between about 8-4ish each day mon-thurs for the first 8 weeks and clinical 7-3 on fridays. then clinicals will be thursdays and fridays the second 8 weeks and for the rest of the program. each semester is different but counting the hours for the first 8 weeks I will be in class 18 hours per week and then 8 hours on fridays with clinicals. I hope this helps. And not every day is 8-4...that is just the time frame of where i have classes. my longest day consists of 6 hours worth of classes
  3. Bball4334

    TEAS 6 Test

    I am about to take the TEAS 6 in a few weeks. Anyone that has taken recently have any tips? I have the study manual and the TEAS tips book.
  4. Hi everyone! I have not seen any recent posts on this topic but I am returning to nursing school and need some advice! I will be taking Anatomy 2 in the fall but and I need to take either Chemistry or Micro with it. Those will be the only 2 classes I will take and I will only be working part time. What class do you suggest I take with Anatomy 2 and why? I have not taken Chem since high school (6 years ago) and I am not planning on taking the basic chem before taking second year chem ( I received a waiver out of it because I do not have time to take it) Thank you!

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