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Aitris has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. Aitris

    USA AG ACNP- Looking for perspective

    Any takers? = )
  2. Hello! I am starting University of South Alabama's AG ACNP program this August. For anyone who is attending or has graduated, I am looking for perspective, advice on what to expect, etc. Thanks! = )
  3. Aitris

    Wisdom for a future educator?

    Hello! I am a bachelors prepared new graduate nurse working in the very bearded hipster state of Oregon. Teaching is the only skill in life I would say I have a "gift" in. I am a good communicator. I love people, I love students. I have a dream of teaching nursing school someday. This is not something I want to do until I have a good few years at the bedside under my belt. However, I am looking at starting my MSN next year, as I figure that it will be easier to obtain my degree while I am still single with few commitments rather than later in life when I may have a spouse and little ones. I love students. I love teaching. I love nursing. I do not love acadamia in of itself, nor do I have much interest in conducting research. I am struggling with my desire to pursue teaching, as some educators I have read from have stated that I will need to obtain my PhD if I want to obtain a lecturing position. I understand that an MSN would be adequate to serve as a clinical instructor, but I really would like to lecture. I'm not too keen on being a hospital educator either (though I appreciate and respect the educators I work with). Completing a PhD is not something I would take any joy in. It would be at least 3 years of my life pulled away from the bedside, and 3 years I do not think I would find much joy in. The degree seems to be completely focused on research, not on teaching me practical skills to be an educator (yes, I understand the importance that research and EBP plays in education). This seems like it would be a soul draining endeavor for me. If this is really the only way to pursue teaching nursing students, I'm not sure I have what it takes. The coursework in a DNP program seems much more interesting to me, however, I have no interest in working as an NP, and the degree is not education focused so I'm not sure how much good that would do me. I had teachers in nursing school who invested into my life. The ones who stayed in their offices or lab hours past their work schedule to help me become competent in difficult skills or understand concepts. Professors who motivated me, who encouraged me that I was capable of becoming a good nurse when I felt I was facing immovable barriers and that I would never graduate. Teachers who grieved with me as I faced intense personal loss during nursing school. Teachers who never gave up on me, and helped me achieve what I felt I was not capable of doing so that today I can practice as a nurse. That's my motivation for wanting to teach. Students. Not the desire to see my name published. Bonus question: If I pursue my graduate education now, yet remain at the bedside for another 10 years... Would my education possibly be looked at as "obsolete" by the time I begin teaching? Anyone have any thoughts or wisdom for this idealistic newbie? Thank you!
  4. Howdy folks, Is anyone else applying to Asante Health's new grad RN program in the Medford area? I had an interview with a nurse recruiter one month ago. She told me that the next step would be setting up a panel interview either in person or over Skype. I have not been given any timeline since then. I have turned down multiple job offers (in the ICU, my area of preference) in hopes of getting into this program. I'm a west coast native who went to school on the east coast, and I would like to get back closer to home again. I have put in for positions at Providence Medford, St Charles in Bend OR, and others. However, I am starting to wonder if I have made a mistake in holding out hopes for a position in Oregon. Anyone out there heard anything? Or if you went through this program in the past, how long did the process take you?