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  1. jtran21

    Late to clinical

    OOF that happened to me this one time during my third semester in my peds clinicals. Slept through my alarm and woke up when my friend called me asking me if I was in the parking deck of the hospital. I sh*t you not I screamed and called my preceptor while I was changing and told her that I'd drive as fast as I could together, resulting in me getting to the floor at 7:30am instead of 6:45am. During my final review I got an unsatisfactory for professionalism because of it, but I still passed and now I'm starting my nurse residency next month. Although, I'm now paranoid about waking up early in the morning so I just end up staying up really late and sleeping a really shallow sleep with ten alarms set at most an hour early. Thank god I'm gonna be night shift. This is just a short blip that will most likely just blow over, I hope that you're not beating yourself too hard over it.
  2. jtran21

    Piedmont Atlanta December 2018 Residency Interview

    The interview was very pleasant! I talked about it towards the end of my original post, I hope that it can help you! I should also add, if you wear heels be aware that they might give you a unit tour! I got to tour the neuro med surg floor and it was nice!
  3. jtran21

    New Grad in Neuro ICU

    Hi everyone! I just got my RN license (yay!) and will be starting my new grad residency in the neuro icu. I wanted to inquire about any advice that anyone has about being a new grad and/or a neuro icu nurse in general. All tips are welcomes, and thank you so much!
  4. Hi everyone! My NCLEX is on Jan 22 at 2pm, and I'm feeling like I'm gonna die right here right now. I've been using lacharity, heyrona notes, and another study guide my friend used, along with UWorld. I'm just feeling REALLY defeated right now. I'm only in the 42nd percentile with about half and half right and wrong (mostly wrong) with only approximately 600 questions done. I took the two self assessment tests and the first time I got a high probability of passing, and the second one I took Just Now I got a very high passing, but I have to admit that I looked up some questions because I'm honestly SO ANXIOUS RIGHT NOW because even though I got most questions correct through honesty, towards the end of the 75 questions I got the majority of questions wrong [as pictured] and I know that if that were an actual NCLEX I would've failed. I just really need some reassurance that I'm going to pass cause I can't disappoint my parents and I can't disappoint myself or my school cause the last two classes who graduated got a 100% NCLEX pass rate and I don't wanna be the dumb fool who fails and destroys the pass rate.
  5. jtran21

    Thinking of quitting...

    I'm trying to word this the best I can, but honestly, how do you expect to be an NP if you don't wanna be an RN? It's NURSE practitioner, you have to be a nurse first before becoming a practitioner. I hope that you can find your way in life that'll help make things clearer for you.
  6. jtran21

    ATI Predictor Exam

    Good morning! I just took the comprehensive exam, and what I found after discussing it with my other classmates is that the exam has a bulk of a certain subject but it's not the same for everyone. For me, it was bulked on OB, while my friend had a bulk of peds and my other friend mental. The best way to study would be to remember what you learned from fundamentals, brush up on meds, and do A LOT of practice questions to get used to how long it is (180 questions). I used RN Mentor which is in the app store/google play store for free that's set up by ATI that has way more practice questions than the books. Good luck! :)
  7. jtran21

    Do employers look at new grad grades?

    That's a good point, and the bias against students who have great grades is uncalled for. However, depending on who the person is, they may be better demonstrating their knowledge in different ways other than taking an examination. For example, I was great at clinicals because I'm a tactile learner, but I struggled in examinations related to my (diagnosed) anxiety and testtaking skills. Unfortunately, some people are just better at taking tests than others, but I understand where you're coming from in considering grades as part of the hiring process.
  8. jtran21

    Do employers look at new grad grades?

    That's interesting, and I'm glad that they chose you! í ½í¸Š I'm sure that if they saw my gpa they wouldn't have hired me. I made sure that they knew why I was here why I wanted it and how I can improve their team, which is what the point of the interview is for cause grades don't determine how good of a nurse you'll be, OP. Although it could also be my hospice clinical experience and the cardstock I used for my resumé so who knows í ½í¸‚
  9. jtran21

    Do employers look at new grad grades?

    My school told me not to put my GPA on my resumé as it would give the employers an additional thing to compare between you and another applicant which can work against you. Honestly, I'm graduating in two days with a 3.4 gpa with a residency in the neuro ICU; you'll definitely be able to get a job if you have good interviewing skills.
  10. jtran21

    Atlanta new grad residency

    omg did you just post this? Atlanta residencies can open as early as september, please go applying now if you're graduating this month.
  11. jtran21

    Emory Residency Winter/Spring 2019

    Good evening y'all, what offers did you get and are any of y'all accepting the positions?
  12. jtran21

    Grady RN Residency Program 2019

    I got an email from HR saying that I didn't get an offer. To be fair, I let Kimberly know that I wasn't coming cause I already accepted another offer but they're definitely starting to come out, so keep your eyes out!
  13. jtran21

    Emory Residency Winter/Spring 2019

    Good morning, did anyone get any offers?
  14. jtran21

    Choosing between two offers-Atlanta

    Thank you for responding to my plight. This morning my mom literally woke me up and had me call the recruiter at Emory to accept the offer. But really, I had this weird feeling in my stomach even though my family says that this is objectively the best residency in Georgia. I'm still gonna go to my interview with Shepherd, and I'll see from there. What's nice about Emory is that if you find another offer after you accept you just have to make sure that you let HR know before disappearing off the face of the earth, so we'll just have to see what happens if I end up getting an offer from my floor.
  15. jtran21

    Choosing between two offers-Atlanta

    Hi everyone! I wanted to open this topic because I'm at a really critical part of a decision in my life right now: I've been offered a residency on the neuro ICU floor at Emory which my family is really gunning for me to accept, but I'm currently at Shepherd Center for my practicum and I really love the nurses on the floor where I'm at and I love the patients that I have. They currently don't have a residency program but offer about four months of precepted orientation and more if you need it. My parents really want me to accept Emory's offer mostly because of their reputation in Georgia, and their tuition reimbursement program, where they can reimburse up to 80% of your tuition. As far as I know, Shepherd also has tuition reimbursement but doesn't specify specifically how much they're willing to reimburse. On one hand, I do feel like I need a residency and since Emory is a teaching hospital, they'll be able to give me the education I need to become more competent. However, I feel that I enjoy the nursing and patient culture at Shepherd and I enjoy what I've done so far, but maybe it's just because this is the place where I've been able to actually do nursing things throughout the program. So all in all, I'd just like some opinions on what y'all would do. I'm currently scheduled for an interview with Shepherd the following monday after this week, so I'd just like to have a game plan, thank you.