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Spookysushi has 1 years experience and specializes in Transplant nursing.

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    You know the shift is gonna be a hot mess when ...

    When you receive a confused and combative direct admit for a liver transplant with and the attending tells you to move as fast as humanly possible to prep the patient for surgery. So you then drop everything, frantically try to get them lined and labed (with those great ESLD/ESRD veins ) send them for their pre op imaging studies, rush to get the paperwork together to then find out the liver was bad, then discharging them all within a few hours. So much work for nothing and sad for the patient and family.
  2. Reach out to your clinical instructor and explain your worries. Tell them each thing that you know you did wrong, and how you will prepare to not make the same mistake again. Nursing is a learning experience, every single day. I have been a nurse for a year and sometimes still make "little" dumb mistakes- the key is always being honest with yourself and your superiors to tell them, hey, I'm not perfect, but here is how I will be better.
  3. Spookysushi

    "Can you stay late?" Hours and overtime.

    Hello nurse-friends, I am curious about how staffing and overtime works on your units? I work on an extremely busy Med surg unit in a large city that specializes in transplant(mostly liver). I often have 5 patients, and I work two 8s and two 12s a week. I am constantly (2-3x a week) being asked to either stay late on my 8 hour days or switch my shift the day of. I almost always turn down the offer, but usually feel guilty because I am close with my co workers and don't want to make anyone's day harder then it has to be. However, internally I get mad because my unit is NEVER staffed appropriately. When overtime is turned down, we almost always get a float nurse to fill the spot quite easily. I am a new nurse with 1 year of experience and often leave the hospital in a state of exhaustion due to the heaviness of our patients- so the thought of overtime makes me cringe. I am always willing to make switches with my co workers, stay late until my work is done, and lend a hand when things get rough...but I feel as though if I work more then 40 hours I am being spread too thin and I don't want to compromise the experience of my patients, or my sanity for that matter. There's a difference between an emergency and "whoops we don't have enough nurses- can you turn your 8 into a 12". So let me have it- should I feel guilty ?