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  1. scrub_bug

    April 2019 RN-BSN with Aspen University

    Hi MichelleM1993, My classes have been going very well. I will begin my third class on September 3. I still am liking it all very much, yes it is a lot of writing, but very doable and no tests. Although that will change for the cumulative final. Your first class will focus on APA Scholarly Writing, how to set up your paper, write an abstract, bibliography, annotated bibliography, and everything else in between. My best advice so far is to not make it more difficult than it is. Yes, classwork is manageable, make sure you follow your assignment rubric for assignments and discussions. Good luck to you. Mechelle
  2. scrub_bug

    April 2019 RN-BSN with Aspen University

    Hello, I am still in my first class with the Aspen RN-BSN track. I love it so far, it is quite a bit of writing, but for me, that was one of the reason's I chose Aspen. I am not an excellent writer/communicator, and as a nurse, that is an important skill to have, and Aspen will help me to improve in that area. For me, it was a natural choice. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  3. scrub_bug

    April 2019 RN-BSN with Aspen University

    Yes, you do need to have your RN license first before beginning a BSN program. I believe that is true for all programs that are designed that way. ThaChickOmni, congratulations on graduating soon and the best of all to you as you prepare for your NCLEX.
  4. scrub_bug

    April 2019 RN-BSN with Aspen University

    Hi Candypreg, I am in my 3rd week so far in the program. Aspen has many resources for us to use from videos, web links and a library. Since I am only in my very first class, I can't directly answer your question as to how supportive they are. I think as an institution they are very supportive just because of all the available resources. I'm not so sure yet how supportive instructors are. Price is great, that is one of the main reasons I chose Aspen, as well as I only need 10 classes to earn my BSN from them.
  5. Hello, I am a recent new RN as of July 2018 and I will begin the BSN program through Aspen University on April 16th, 2019. I am curious if there are any others in here that will start the same time or even close, and if so I would love to meet you all in here. Talk to you all soon. Mechelle
  6. scrub_bug

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    Hello Ruffless, Did you receive any responses concerning which instructors to choose? If you did would you forward that to me at rivera.mechelle@gmail.com. I am currently speaking with a counselor and have had my transcript evaluated for the RN-BSN track. I was to start August 27th but not sure I will have enough money to start. When do you start? Thank you
  7. scrub_bug

    BSU RN to BSN

    @janetmmm7 how are your classes going at BSU and specifically how was your stat class and which one did you take? I have applied to BSU, I can't apply to the RN-BSN program yet as I still have to take those first few classes first. I'm in contact with Candice over at BSU and I absolutely love her.
  8. scrub_bug

    Too old to go into nursing??

    I am 47 and just got accepted into our Nursing Program here in Wyoming and I am on the Bachelor tract!! I say "GO FOR IT"! You can do what ever you set your mind to do. At an older age it is a bit more difficult to learn but definitely not impossible. The accomplishment alone will be very rewarding. :)

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