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  1. Hello everyone so after covid hit, everything transitioned online, including clinicals. I am going to graduate this December but I have a huge problem. I HAVE NO HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE!! The only clinical I went to was at nursing home where we didn't do much besides feeding the residents and taking vital signs. We did not get to pass any medication, look at documentation, etc. I have never done or observed any basic nursing skills such as administering IV, documenting, passing a med, IV push, foley, assessments, etc. I feel like I know nothing and will be fired from my first job because I am completely clueless. What do I do 😞
  2. Omg I asked for my grade on the final and I got 11/40 which is 28% I feel so stupid and ashamed of myself.
  3. Thank you everyone. I am currently retaking the class again. I hope I will be able to pass this time. Im afraid that I wont get accepted because of this class. I heard they only take the best of the best.
  4. angel1312

    I dont have a degree. Should I apply to asbn programs?

    Oh I thought asbn was just a faster way to combine a aas and bsn... thanks 😃 And I didnt think about how employers would react seeing the college I graduated from. You have a point there but I dont think I have a choice because my gpa is so low.
  5. Hello everyone! I just wanted to know where you aas graduates went, especially in NY. Did you like your school? How difficult was it? Also please mention your gpa and grades.
  6. angel1312

    Low gpa and failure in pre reqs. Am I doomed?

    Thanks for the reply. I definitely will take more classes to dilute that grade. But I really dont think it will be high. Will I be denied into the program?
  7. Many private schools offer these asbn programs. I have lost hope of getting in the cuny nursing programs. I heard those who already have degrees should apply to asbn. My gpa is very low by the way. Also, any school suggestions? I live in nyc.
  8. Hi everyone, I live in NY, and I want to purse my associates in nursing. My gpa went from 3.9 to 2.6 because I failed math. Even if I retake the failed class and do well in other classes I doubt my gpa will be anything higher than 3.2. I heard private schools will take shameful students like me. Do you know any privates that have a less competitive aas program? Also what can I do about my low gpa.
  9. angel1312

    Do all programs require TEAS?

    Can you guys please name your school
  10. I cant see myself doing anything other than nursing. Even if I did pass, would I be rejected because they saw the failure on my record!? I think im going to die right now. I HAVE TO GET INTO NURSING!
  11. If the class isnt part of the curriculum or towards the degree in the school financial aid doesnt cover it 😥? I dont want extra classes just to fulfill another schools requirement. So does that mean I cant apply to other schools because of their additional pre reqs?
  12. Hello everyone, I am in a dilemma. I attend CUNY Medgar Evers in Brooklyn, NY. The pre reqs are Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2, Chem, Math, Psychology, sociology and micro (im not 100% sure though). I know nursing is competitive so I want to apply to other schools. However other schools want additional pre reqs like human development (at qcc) and fundamentals of speech (bmcc). These are just examples but many school want those pre reqs which I did not take. Even if I took them here, financial aid wouldnt cover it (im poor). My gpa is 2.5 because I failed math and am now retaking it. I am panicking and need help. How can I apply to other schools when they all have different pre reqs? Am I stuck with applying to just my current school!?
  13. The course is called college algebra and trigonometry. I heard we have to take statistics in the future too as well 😱
  14. I did retake the test after a workshop over the winter but I failed again! I feel like I understand math but the test questions are sooo hard. I feel like a complete loser. I have totaly let my family down and wasted 2 years of my life thinking I could get into one of the most competitive programs in the entire country! Thanks for the tips though.
  15. Hi everyone, I want to apply to the nursing program. However, I failed math!! I have done all my pre reqs. My gpa dropped to a 2.6 because of the failing math grade. I cant believe I failed and I dont know if I will ever pass... By the way I am attending CUNY Medgar Evers. Its super competitive and I think I should give up. Im trying to apply to the lpn (aas) nursing program by the way. Any tips on what I should do?
  16. Thanks for the response! So does that mean I can take the nclex-rn after completing an associate degree program? Also, if I take the rn exam, I do not need to take the pn exam right?