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NurseBarb94 has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in M/S telemetry.

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  1. PHMNP to aesthetic nursing

    Hi, I do not have any experience myself but my dermatologist who is an FNP also does psych. She just opened her own dermatology clinic and she told me that she worked as an aesthetic nurse before opening her own practice. She said that she chose the ...

    Hi everyone. So I've been an RN on a telemetry floor for just 1 year now. Prior to this I have only done home care nursing for a few months. After switching to the hospital I realized that I not only hate being a floor nurse, but I really almost lost...
  3. Bloomfield College Pre-Nursing Students

    Hey, I will be at the meeting, I can fill you in afterwards
  4. Bloomfield College Pre-Nursing Students

    thanks, im going to text you because the site wont let me send you a message since im not an active member (rolls eyes) lol but i do have a bunch of questions
  5. Bloomfield College Pre-Nursing Students

    thanks! i'm so excited lol how is the program so far? i'm sure extremely intense. what year are you in? and are there any tips you wouldn't mind sharing? sorry for all of the questions haha
  6. Bloomfield College Pre-Nursing Students

    Hello all, just wanted to let you all know I got my phone call today and I've been officially accepted to the program! Soo excited! Just one question, do they send you a packet in the mail or something telling you everything you need to prepare for t...
  7. Bloomfield College Pre-Nursing Students

    I hope so, thank you!
  8. Bloomfield college

    dont mean to sound weird or anything but my friend and I are current students and have a lot of questions, if you had any free time would you mind meeting on campus in the library or something so we could ask you some questions about the program? if ...
  9. Bloomfield College Pre-Nursing Students

    okay thanks. so im not too far off from that. but then again, it depends on my competition for this year. :/
  10. Bloomfield college

    what year are you in the program? or have you already graduated?
  11. Bloomfield College Pre-Nursing Students

    hey everyone, im applying to the 2016 nursing program, and pretty nervous about getting in. I've already taken teas with a score of 70 and my gpa as of right now is a 4.0, 3.5 before i transferred. If anyone does not mind sharing, what did you guys g...
  12. Bloomfield college

    I am hoping so. I am afraid all other applicants will score higher, im just hoping i can score higher the second time I take the exam. I am mentally preparing myself for what I am going to have to endure in the program LOL but I am ready. Thanks so m...
  13. Bloomfield college

    hello, i am applying to the nursing program at bloomfield college. transferring with a 3.5 gpa, i now have a 4.0 gpa and scored a 70 on teas. i plan to take the exam again next month. Do you think i have a good chance of getting in?