Hi everyone. So I've been an RN on a telemetry floor for just 1 year now. Prior to this I have only done home care nursing for a few months. After switching to the hospital I realized that I not only hate being a floor nurse, but I really almost lost all confidence in my career choice. It has been a tough year and it is getting harder for me to want to show up to this job every week.

So, I've decided I want to go back into the out patient setting as an NP. I would really like to work in settings such as clinics managing chronic conditions - CHF, DM, HTN etc... I see a lot of clinics in the job descriptions look for FNPs but I am not necessarily interested in the pediatrics portion of healthcare what so ever so I figured I would just go the adult - gerontology route. after some research I see adult-gerontology NPs can see people as young as 13 y/o in NJ which I am OK with. I am just wondering, if not going the FNP route will hinder me from being able to work at clinics. Of course I can always work at a primary care office but I prefer clinics in urban areas. In particular I am interested in the new minute clinics CVS is launching. I am also interested in working for insurance companies as a Nurse Practitioner doing patient education, in home assessments, and prescribing meds that way.

If anyone has any advice on the route I should go or any experience with this I would love it you could share some of your knowledge!

Thanks for reading!

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If you want to do minute clinic, then you would need FNP.  They see kids 18months and older.  If you want to do IM, then AGNP would be fine.  

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FNP will give you more mileage as far as job opportunities in out-patient primary care.  If you have your mind set on adults and have a good network of potential references and contacts for a job, I say go for the AGNP.  NP opportunities tend to also depend on your own skills in seeking out potential future employers.


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If you're interested in working in minute clinics and urgent care clinics, etc., then do the FNP.