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  1. j2tall99

    Gateway Community College schedule

    I am starting the accelerated program in Aug 2016. The schedule we have is Mon-Thurs. Monday and Tuesday Lab from 8:30am-4:30pm for the first 8 weeks then these two days will be replaced with one 10 hour clinical day. Wednesdays we have Theory from 12:30pm-4:30pm, Thursday we have Pharmacology from 12:30pm-4:30pm.
  2. j2tall99

    MCCD/CEP Acceptance for Fall 2016

    Placements for Non-CEP Fall 2016 are supposed to be starting next week sometime (the 29th or 30th I was told) and they will continue until the all the campuses are full. They said there are less Non-CEP spots going because they are leaning towards more CEP students. I was also told that there are timestamps from the Late-Spring and Summer of 2015 that are still waiting and will be placed first and so on.. I am timestamped from 8/6/15 and Im praying that I get placed!!!!! Fingers Crossed!
  3. j2tall99

    Maricopa Spring 2016 Block 1 students

    Chandler no longer has an accelerated program. Its just the traditional 4 semester program. Gateway is the only accelerated program now.
  4. j2tall99

    Maricopa Waiting List / Placement / Timestamps 2010+

    I spoke with the hotline today as well as the director of the entire nursing program. I was told they are officially starting placement on the 3/29 or 30th. I was also told there are only about 100-120 Non-CEP spots available for Fall 2016. I have been waiting almost a year. My timestamp was 8/6/15 so I am praying I get a spot!! I am an adult student returning to school and I do not want to wait much longer.