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  1. Perfect-o Meter

    Thank you for this article. I am a new nurse, and I am struggling so much with perfectionism right now. I've been a perfectionist all my life--I will take Twice as long as another family member does to clean the kitchen because I obsess over every de...
  2. How to get into developmental disability nursing?

    ID stands for Intellectual Disability. I didn't realize that DD or IDD (Intellectual Developmental Disability) were incorrect now either. :/
  3. What are your favorite nursing/medical-related books you have read? Least favorite/ones to avoid? Now that I've finally graduated from nursing school (hooray! :)), I can now read something other than class notes and textbooks! I'm currently reading T...
  4. How to get into developmental disability nursing?

    Thanks for the advice, y'all! :)
  5. Pay for RN working in group homes?

    lindseylpn, what area of Tennessee is your company located in? I am looking for a company in southwest TN that would hire RN's.
  6. I have a lot of experience volunteering with adults and children with special needs, and I just love working with them. I am getting ready to graduate nursing school in May, and I will have my ADN. My experience with people with special needs is part...
  7. PaO2 of 286... is that even possible?

    Thank you! Yes, he was on O2 BNC at 3L/min. But I don't know if he was on O2 at the time his admission labs were taken. I was taking care of him 2 days post-op. All I could think is that they may have been giving him a high concentration of supplemen...
  8. I am working on a care plan and interpreting lab results. I wrote down that my client had a PaO2 of 286 mm Hg. But is that even possible? Normal PaO2 is 80-100. Also, I wrote down that his base excess was 100, which is way out of the normal range. Hi...