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  1. KDalmostRN

    Perfect-o Meter

    Thank you for this article. I am a new nurse, and I am struggling so much with perfectionism right now. I've been a perfectionist all my life--I will take Twice as long as another family member does to clean the kitchen because I obsess over every detail being done perfectly. I'm having trouble with my time management at work now, and I think that is a big part of the problem. I have been working in the ICU for about 2 months now, and I started feeling really discouraged this week because even though I had stable patients, I had to stay late each day to finish charting. I feel like I should be past that by this point, and last week, I was. Having to stay late when I have had relatively "easy assignments" makes me feel like a failure. I just want so badly to do my job well, to provide excellent patient care and be able to complete everything in a timely manner like my coworkers do. I want to have the wealth of knowledge and experience that they do, and I am impatient with myself and the learning curve I'm on. :/ Thank you for the reminder not to compare myself with others.
  2. KDalmostRN

    How to get into developmental disability nursing?

    ID stands for Intellectual Disability. I didn't realize that DD or IDD (Intellectual Developmental Disability) were incorrect now either. :/
  3. What are your favorite nursing/medical-related books you have read? Least favorite/ones to avoid? Now that I've finally graduated from nursing school (hooray! :)), I can now read something other than class notes and textbooks! I'm currently reading Tilda Shalof's A Nurse's Story, and I've got Charles Graeber's The Good Nurse to start next, but I'm looking for more to add to my shelf. Thanks in advance! :)
  4. KDalmostRN

    How to get into developmental disability nursing?

    Thanks for the advice, y'all! :)
  5. KDalmostRN

    Pay for RN working in group homes?

    lindseylpn, what area of Tennessee is your company located in? I am looking for a company in southwest TN that would hire RN's.
  6. I have a lot of experience volunteering with adults and children with special needs, and I just love working with them. I am getting ready to graduate nursing school in May, and I will have my ADN. My experience with people with special needs is part of the reason I chose to go into nursing, and I would love to be able to specialize and work with them. However, I am kind of stumped as to how to get into the field. The job searches I have done have just left me kind of frustrated. I am having a hard time even figuring out where to find a DD nursing job, and then when I do find a job listing, it's for an LPN. Any advice?
  7. KDalmostRN

    PaO2 of 286... is that even possible?

    Thank you! Yes, he was on O2 BNC at 3L/min. But I don't know if he was on O2 at the time his admission labs were taken. I was taking care of him 2 days post-op. All I could think is that they may have been giving him a high concentration of supplemental O2 at the time the labs were drawn.
  8. I am working on a care plan and interpreting lab results. I wrote down that my client had a PaO2 of 286 mm Hg. But is that even possible? Normal PaO2 is 80-100. Also, I wrote down that his base excess was 100, which is way out of the normal range. His pH was only 7.34, which isn't too far from normal. I've been looking through my books and searching the internet, but I can't seem to make sense of it. Any help would be appreciated! :) (These were admission values on an older man with HTN, COPD/emphysema, and arterial occlusive disease who came in d/t ischemia of his BKA RLE, which was then revised to an AKA)