Nursing Leisure Reading Recommendations


What are your favorite nursing/medical-related books you have read? Least favorite/ones to avoid? Now that I've finally graduated from nursing school (hooray! :)), I can now read something other than class notes and textbooks! I'm currently reading Tilda Shalof's A Nurse's Story, and I've got Charles Graeber's The Good Nurse to start next, but I'm looking for more to add to my shelf. Thanks in advance! :)


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I loved Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife by Peggy Vincent, she's a great storyteller and it was a fast read because I couldn't put it down. Happy reading!

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Cherry Ames.


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I make a point of avoiding nursing-related topics in my leisure time ... :)

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Congrats on graduating! Go read a mystery or something, get your mind off this stuff for a little while! I missed "normal" books soooo much during school. :cheeky:

Is The Good Nurse about like one of those nurse, angel-of-death-type serial killers? If so, I think I have that one! I'm going to pick it up next. If not, I'll post the title when I find it later. :)