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  1. Checkers08

    a healthy fear?

    These are all totally normal feelings. Errors happen. We are all human. If you don't know how or forget how to do something, make sure to ask questions. I think nurses who think they know everything, even with experience, can be far more dangerous than a brand new nurse who may be slower but are paying attention to details and asking lots of questions. The biggest advice I have for a first job is to thoroughly investigate the orientation process and make sure you will have a sufficient amount of time and support to help you in your first steps.
  2. Checkers08

    Bare bones staffing

    I'm not involved in staffing in any way, but I wouldn't think it would be wise to only have one staff member present in case of a resuscitation event.
  3. Checkers08

    Urgent Care Qualifications

    Different facilities have different requirements. Ours require BLS, ACLS, and PALS for nurses and providers and BLS only for everyone else (medical assistants, radiology, registration).
  4. Checkers08

    Urgent Care Education Resources

    Hello Everyone! I am new to an education/staff development role in an Urgent Care setting and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for good resources to help me on my new journey! Thanks!
  5. Checkers08

    To young to be a Unit Clerk?

    Age is only a number. Willingness to learn and attention to detail are far more important than age.
  6. Checkers08

    Should I minor is psychology?

    If you think it will be manageable, go for it!
  7. Checkers08

    First exam!!!

    Yes to all of this! Also, trust your gut. More often than not, when you change an answer, you had it right in the first place.
  8. Checkers08

    What did you do in the ER today?

    IV starts and EKGs!
  9. Checkers08

    New job

    It took me a solid year before I quit feeling like I wanted to vomit every day when I came to work. Try to hang in there!
  10. Checkers08

    Med-Surg Floor Nursing

    I went straight into ER with 5 other new grads, and only 2 of us made it past 1 year. I know there is a LOT of knowledge and experience to be gained in floor nursing, and I don't think it's terrible by any means. I tremendously enjoyed my med-surg clinicals in school, but the offer I got for the ER worked out better for my circumstances at the time. My best recommendation if you do decide to go for a specialty is to find out everything you can about the orientation process and make sure it will be as effective as possible for you. I was very fortunate in mine in that it lasted about 6 months with weekly classes in addition to our time on the floor. Ask as many questions as you can think of, and talk to as many people as you can.
  11. Checkers08

    Laptop or pen & paper during nursing school?

    I can definitely type faster, so I used my laptop during the lectures (our power points often weren't available right away to print out beforehand). I would always go back over everything after the lecture and handwrite notes to help cement the information.
  12. Checkers08

    Epinephrine error

    When I changed facilities, I was genuinely surprised at how many people were not aware of the different concentrations of epi. I've only ever encountered one patient who received the incorrect concentration (several years prior to my encounter). Thankfully the person seemed to have recovered well.
  13. Checkers08

    Pearson Vue Trick "Facts"

    This would have been so helpful when I took the NCLEX a few years ago. I only had ever heard of the good/bad pop-ups. When I tried it, I got the results on hold option, which no one had ever mentioned when I was in school. I was so confused!
  14. Checkers08

    Med Error

    Many factors were involved. No harm was done. Appropriate action was taken. It's just so hard not to beat yourself up over these things sometimes. Thanks for reading. I just wanted to try to get that off my chest (at least a little).
  15. Checkers08

    Not a CNA, LPN, CMA, etc.

    It is quite possible to do well going straight into nursing school. Some of my former classmates who worked while in school got stuck in the "that's not how we do it where I work" mentality, and they seemed to have a harder time adapting to the way we were being taught. Unfortunately there are always advantages and disadvantages to everything.