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  1. jls485

    Drexel University?

    The ACE program is probably the most difficult program in the area, I said this because I finished it. As far as disorganized, I agree, however; I also have friends who goes to the Villanova and UPenn program, they also complained about their programs in terms of organization, knowledge of the instructors, etc. My point is, you will not find a perfect program. High drop out rate, yes, very high drop out rate, like I said before, it's a very difficult program. BUT, let me say this, the reason the drop out rate is so high, it's because they really prepare you. You can't expect to go through the ACE program with 86 credits in 11 months, and have over 99% nclex passing rate to be easy, right? One more thing, sometimes I get asked what program did I go to, I told them the ACE program, and they said, the ACE program from Drexel? and I said yes, they usually replied "wow, I don't know how you do it".
  2. whoa, now i have a quick question. you said i must stop practicing. is that mean they gonna let me go? because i'll be working as gn, and will be taking the nclex maybe 3 weeks after i start. do anyone know that answer to that? will my hospital terminate my employment?
  3. jls485

    Housing around philly

    Hi guys, I'll be working in one of the city hospitals and I've been doing some homework on the housing around the area. For those who work in the city, do you live in the city as well? If not, where do you recommend? I've been looking at conshohocken, king of prussia, etc. I personally like KOP since I used to live there but the 76 traffic just terrify me... any suggestion would be helpful.
  4. jls485

    question about ACE program?

    They take prereqs. from CC. You might also want to contact them because they have a list of what classes can be transferred for each CC around the area.
  5. jls485


    Hi guys, I have an interview with Penn Presbyterian, Philly. How's this hospital? The reason I asked is because my g/f told me she hears some bad things about the hospital... does anyone has any experience or heard anything about Presby.? Thanks.
  6. jls485

    What color of suit to purchase for job interview?

    Crab guys, I still need some help or opinion after I checked out all the posts. I have an interview coming up, do you think I can just wear shirt and tie?
  7. jls485

    Job description for new grad?

    Thanks for the encouragement. This is for New York Presbyterian. I thought my resume is pretty good and she said my qualification are impressive.... I guess this is just a generic rejection email. I'm not sure if she meant I'm not qualify for the position, or I shouldn't be applying to NYP anymore, now I'm hesitated to apply other positions in NYP.
  8. jls485

    Job description for new grad?

    hi guys, I need your opinions, I have a job descriptions below, do you think it's suitable for new graduate? The reason I asked is because I got rejected for interview Clinical Nurse I - RN - Cardiac Telemetry Clinical Nurse I - RN -Cardiac Care Unit Both have the same Responsibilities The Clinical Nurse I is responsible for the direct provision of effective and comprehensive nursing care. Current New York State Licensure or eligibility for licensure as a Registered Professional Nurse. Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing. Bachelor's Degree in Nursing preferred.
  9. jls485

    Starting Drexel ACE in Sept.

    If you don't have insurance, you can get the the shots from Drexel, it's a walk in office in Drexel/Hospital. You will have to pay in cash.
  10. jls485

    nursing residency program

    Sorry, I just deleted some messages, do you mind send it again? Thanks.
  11. jls485

    nursing residency program

    Hey Fiestygirl, you got PM.
  12. jls485

    XP: Drexel ACE and Scrubs Question

    yea, the yellow is not a good kind of yellow. Everyone can spot you from miles away and know that you're from drexel; and you won't be hide when you're on the floor, hahaha. Some people get the shoes from that place i mentioned but I think they're pretty pricey... you can just get a pair of all white leather sneaker from footlocker or something....
  13. jls485

    nursing residency program

    Guys, what do you think of the nursing residency program? I was looking around and saw UPenn offers this type of program for new grad. Anyone knows any information about the program because it doesn't say much on the website.
  14. jls485

    XP: Drexel ACE and Scrubs Question

    It has to be a certain color to match Drexel's color, yellow top and dark blue bottom. Drexel provides you a place in the city where you go in and get fitted; they sew drexel's name on the scrub. You don't have to wear them to go to lecture, just clinical and CLRC lab.
  15. jls485

    Recent Grads: Is it necessary

    Oh yea, they also give you stephescope and blood pressure cuff. The stephescope sucks, a lot of students bought better ones, but I'm fine with it. Once you get used to what you need to hear, you will catch it, but of course the good ones are much better. I would just use it first....