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  1. cdpedro

    New Grad Residency Programs

    Chandler Regional is starting their class on July 16th. Interviews for that cohort was earlier this month with offers made already.
  2. cdpedro

    Dignity Health New Grad Positions

    I just got a call today for an interview from Chandler for the July cohort
  3. cdpedro

    Spring 2017 NAU/MCCD CEP

    I'm in the NAU CEP program with Central AZ College (CAC) and we started this summer with our NAU classes and block 1 in the fall. Our cohort currently attends 1 day a week over the summer for 4 hours (10 weeks) for the lab portion , 307L, of the health assessment class. We start the other in person class, NUR330 Nursing as a discipline and profession, next week and again that will be 4 hours a day (different day) for 5 weeks. NUR 307 , health assessments is online and basically you do your reading and quizzes to get you ready for 307L. Our other online class is NUR321, gerontology and you will do some discussion posts for the first couple weeks and then a blog project in the 2nd half of the class. Hope this helps!