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  1. caffianatedstudier97

    ATI Predictor

    Hello All! I just had a quick question regarding VATI and the final predictor. The first predictor at the end of nursing school I took I got a 91% chance of passing NCLEX, which I was honestly very surprised about because I found the exam very challenging. However, I am almost done with VATI ( I have peds, mental health and leadership left) and so far my scores on the modules have ranged from 65% to 66.7%. I know that this is considered passing the module, however, I know that in order to get the "green light" you need like a 70% on the final predictor. What were your past experiences with VATI and the predictor? Was your predictor score generally higher or lower than your module scores? I'm freaking out, any comments would be appreciated!
  2. caffianatedstudier97

    Does CHOP have a nurse residency program?

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew if CHOP has a nurse residency program, and if they do when does the application open up for nurses graduating in may 2019?
  3. caffianatedstudier97

    Time commitment for NRP?

    Hello all So I am a nursing student in my last semester of nursing school looking to take the NNP course. My question is how much of a time commitment is it? I understand that it is not a course you can take without studying for, I want to make sure I have enough of time to do the online modules and take the test with still being in school.
  4. caffianatedstudier97

    Getting a job in pediatrics as a new grad

    Hello, I am a nursing student who will be graduating in May 2019 and is very interested in getting a job in pediatrics when I graduate. I completed an externship on a pediatric floor, as well as work as a tech on a pediatric floor. I hope that this experience will help me in the job hunting process, however, I recognize how competitive it is to get a job in peds, especially as a new grad. Does anyone have any advice as to how to get a job in peds as a new grad?

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