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  1. caffianatedstudier97

    Does CHOP have a nurse residency program?

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew if CHOP has a nurse residency program, and if they do when does the application open up for nurses graduating in may 2019?
  2. caffianatedstudier97

    Time commitment for NRP?

    Hello all So I am a nursing student in my last semester of nursing school looking to take the NNP course. My question is how much of a time commitment is it? I understand that it is not a course you can take without studying for, I want to make sure I have enough of time to do the online modules and take the test with still being in school.
  3. caffianatedstudier97

    Getting a job in pediatrics as a new grad

    Hello, I am a nursing student who will be graduating in May 2019 and is very interested in getting a job in pediatrics when I graduate. I completed an externship on a pediatric floor, as well as work as a tech on a pediatric floor. I hope that this experience will help me in the job hunting process, however, I recognize how competitive it is to get a job in peds, especially as a new grad. Does anyone have any advice as to how to get a job in peds as a new grad?
  4. caffianatedstudier97

    Too many references?

    Hello, so I am a bit worried. I am applying for a nurse extern position I really want, and one of the requirements was to submit references via skillsurvey. The email stated that 5 professional references were required, however, I had already asked 7 individuals to fill out the reference form on skillsurvey beforehand and did not want to just tell them I did not need their reference anymore since that is rude. The references are a mix of nursing instructors and bosses, as well as a volunteer supervisor. Apparently how skillsurvey works is that it shows an average of all the references. Do you think that listing 7 references instead of 5 will hurt my chances at the job?
  5. Hello all! So I am currently enrolled in a nursing program in New Jersey as a sophomore for this upcoming fall. However, I had a lot of struggles my 1st year of nursing school. Yes I managed to end up with a 3.63 gpa and was involved with many clubs, however, I was not in a good state mentally at school. The program is less than 40 people, so I had to deal with some harassment within friendships, competitiveness, and just the overall cutthroat environment. I can go on and on but that's not why I'm writing this. How difficult would it be to transfer nursing programs? If so, what schools should I look into transferring? I want to transfer to a program that is larger, and preferably still in New Jersey.
  6. caffianatedstudier97

    How to register to take CNA exam?

    I am a freshman nursing student from New Jersey who is finishing up her first semester in nursing school.I am interested in working as a CNA since I finished my foundations course, however, I am very confused as to how to register to take the exam? Is there a specific website to go to in order to register? Also, how long does it take to register to take the exam? Any help is appreciated :)
  7. caffianatedstudier97

    Can you apply to be a CNA before taking the CNA exam?

    Hello, I am a freshman nursing student enrolled in a fundamentals of nursing class and lab which covers the same content that a CNA course would. I plan to take the CNA examination in May, however, would it be reasonable to start applying for jobs now, or after I have received the certification?