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  1. integrativenurse

    Becoming a Certified Dialysis Nurse Yes/No?

    DaVita doesn't pay extra for certification (CDN, CNN). I never heard that they will pay for the exam maybe they do now. It's nice to have for personal pride. If you're thinking about getting this to become a CC or FA, you don't need it -- if they're ...
  2. integrativenurse

    VA Case Management

    Happy to read all the comments. I'm new to case management but with the VA system for more than 5 years.
  3. integrativenurse

    Dialysis Nursing not for me?

    What you said except I also work for a hospital so our outfit is basically acute and chronic. We do have on calls though. Generally speaking, dialysis is a better gig than my experience in LTC, Med Surg or ICU based on the positives you listed. The o...
  4. integrativenurse

    CNN vs CDN

    Hi, I know it's been a while since you took these exams, but besides the pre-requisites are there any notable differences and similarities with the test questions? I got my CDN 2 years ago and contemplating taking the CNN exam next year for professio...
  5. integrativenurse

    Breach of Contract

    LOL, I guess luckily no assignment panned out.
  6. integrativenurse

    Lexington Medical vs Prisma Columbia

    I want to hear the pros and cons of working for LMC vs Prisma Columbia.
  7. integrativenurse

    Breach of Contract

    Thank you for your input!
  8. integrativenurse

    Breach of Contract

    I'm currently looking for different opportunities right now. I left my job 3 months ago to pursue a stay-at-home job. Unfortunately, it didn't work out but I still want to continue a stay-at-home for the family. I'm willing to go back to floor for fi...
  9. I was a STAR trainer for DaVita. Yes, we accepted new grads with no healthcare experience and people with HS diploma. And just like other folks that we trained with healthcare experience and college grads, we had successful, mediocre, and bottom of t...
  10. integrativenurse

    New to Dialysis

    I was an FA and trainer for newbies and I made sure that our trainees are proficient doing their jobs. Star training goes on for weeks in the classroom before pairing them with PCT preceptors.
  11. integrativenurse

    Access Flow Measurement

    Qb of 300 during flow testing then switch back to prescribed Qb for the rest of the treatment.
  12. integrativenurse

    Heparin Practices

    Acute doctors don't immediately prescribe heparin even if the patients were getting heparin in their home clinics. Diagnosis, labs, current meds, and extenuating circumstances will dictate if heparin should be resumed or initiated.
  13. integrativenurse

    Morning Vs Evening shifts

    Generally speaking, you do more stuff as an opener or day shift in the ICHD world, but this is coming from a person who prefers not getting up super early so I'm partial.
  14. integrativenurse

    What meds do dialysis nurses give to patients in the clinic?

    One of the positives in working in chronic dialysis...not too many drugs. You got the ESA, vitamin D analogs, calcimimetics, iron, acetaminophen, antiemetic, one type to bring BP up and another type to bring it down, Benadryl, IV antibiotics types th...
  15. integrativenurse

    Bleed Time

    Depending on who you ask about how long should a patient hold his sites, we get obscure answers even from our dialysis pros. Considering that there are no issues with their access and getting adequate heparinization. -how long should a patient h...