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  1. goofy_

    Rady Children's Nurse Residency Summer 2020

    I applied for NICU as well!
  2. goofy_

    Mayo Clinic Residency & Rochester Area

    Hi! I applied for NICU as well and was called to set up an interview! I'm from CA.
  3. goofy_

    Scripps New Grad RN June/August 2020

    My status didnt change either. Thinking back at it, I have no idea if I did an assessment now lol I recently applied for another new grad posting which used the same style program as scripps and on that one it sent me to a link immediately after submitting the app but once I opened up the link for the assessment it said I already had one on file so maybe thats what happened with my scripps app? no idea, I'm so confused.
  4. goofy_

    Scripps New Grad RN June/August 2020

    Damn she did? Do you know if she was an internal or external?
  5. Hey! Just wanted to start a thread for those that have submitted an app for the Scripps New Grad RN. Looking back at past threads, I'm not entirely sure how they choose people for interviews. It seems to be random with both external and internal applications.
  6. From my understanding, they constantly reach out even mid February for the April cohort.
  7. I just got my rejection email for NICU too. Honestly I'm just proud to have even received an interview to begin with. Good luck with everyone else!
  8. 4 spots for maternity is better than just the 2 spots they're only offering for NICU
  9. I put my unit preference in my cover letter just in case.
  10. I saw someone posted on FB in the "RNInterview Tools" asking interview tips for the NICU at UC Davis so I guess they've already contacted people for interviews?
  11. From past cohort posts, it seems like they call for interviews on a rolling basis and dont just stop in January since they ask you what start date you prefer and if theres gaps in the February or April start then they try to keep filling them.
  12. So no one has received an interview for NICU yet? This is all so nerve wracking! Also, for those that have done an interview for another unit, what was it like?!
  13. goofy_

    USC new grad RN April cohort 2020

    What unit did you apply to? I'm starting my application now!
  14. goofy_

    SJSU Spring 2017

    I can't do the e-sign for the background check so I have to print it out and email it to them, but what did you all check for under the "Notice regarding credit checks" Did you just check them all?
  15. goofy_

    SJSU Spring 2017

    For witness, I had one of my friends sign it
  16. goofy_

    SJSU Spring 2017

    They really should have mentioned something about getting some of the stuff done after Dec 10 because I bought my liability insurance already and it expires 11/29/2017 so now I'm gonna try calling them to get the date changed. For the CPR certification, I picked the Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers from American Red Cross and I'm taking the class on Dec 10

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