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  1. Imxtianity

    Pinoy RN in TEXAS with CA BRN problem

    Hi rachlu, Im currently enrolled and CA BON approved my school here in san antonio! If u need OB pm me christianrn1993@gmail.com OB class will start oct 31-dec 16
  2. Im currently working as RN here in San Antonio texas. I moved here because i have deficiency problem with MS and OB according to CA BRN. I just wanna ask is there anyone knows a nursing school(approved by CA BRN) here in san antonio who allows someone to take only MS and OB subjects? Or approved nursing schools in Houston or Austin area? And any success stories after taking the deficient subject/s here in texas or any other state and got a CA RN licensed or ATT? Thank u
  3. Imxtianity

    Passed nclex september 2016

    Yeah i heard about that but didn't use it lol i downloaded NCLEX master app., i use that one on every free time going to work or while having my break at work.
  4. Imxtianity

    Passed nclex september 2016

    Hi i just wanna share my story about how i passed the nclex on my first attempt. I know why you are reading this because you already have schedule to take the nclex and you dont know what to do or what to feel or maybe you're planning to take the exam.I understand what you feel coz weeks and days before the exam i always browsed in the internet about NCLEX STORIES. So, i started studying last june 2016 but it was like more on reading (like 2-3hrs/day only) since im working full time at the fastfooD. But when I received my att around last week of june I decided to schedule my test first week of September to give my self 2 months to study. i used SAUNDERS nclex reviewer for my content review and SAUNDERS Q&A book for my question reviews. So starting july I decided to work as partime in the fastfood like 4hrs/day only. And i finished the SAUNDERS REVIEWER AND Q&A after a month. My style in studying was i read the whole chapter and RE-write it on a big notebook on my own words(since im from the philippines i like to re write it on the notebook my own words eg. Hyperthroidism under that will be s/s, risk factors, ,etiology, nsg intervention, sugical, pt teaching) cause saunders explanation in each disease is soooooo long so i better re write on my preferred words. And then i realized after a month I finished the whole saunders book, the question was SOOOO EASY AND SIMPLE, i was kinda doubtful. That's why my cousin(whos RN too) told me to get the NCSBN LEARNING EXTENSION REVIEW ONLINE and purchsed the 8 weeks program for 100$,at their pretest which consist of 75question i only got around 35correct so it's totally different from suanders questions. Since they have content review too, i started to read the content one by one while i compare to the notebook were i rewrite the content of saunders. I finished thier content review for 2weeks. My remaining weeks before the exam,i just answered all of their questions review in NCSBN and i bought LA CHARITY (prioritization,delegation,assignment). USE SAUNDERS FOR YOUR CONTENT REVIEW and for your QUESTION REVIEW use NCSBN AND LA CHARITY BOOK! (Dont depend on Saunders questions!!! it's wayyy tooo far from actual nclex,NCSBN AND LA CHARITY QUESTIONS ARE MORE SIMILAR IN ACTUAL NCLEX QUESTION!) i had 28 sata's,2 drag&drop,3 ECG and 1 graphic picture. my computer stop at 75th question and finished the exam almost 1hr. by the way( i have 2 questions in actual NCLEX which i encountered during in NCSBN online review, same thought of questions and desame thought choices!) my 1st and 75th question :) goodluck to u and God Bless! -YOUR PH RN AND NOW, USRN!
  5. I graduated in the Philippines last march 2015 and passed the exam on may 2015. Im a resident here in California, i applied in BRN/BON CALIFORNIA for NCLEX last april 2016. I just received a letter from BON/BRN California (literally this is there first response since i applied last april), stating that they already COMPLETED A REVIEW OF MY EXAMINATION APPLICATION and asking for; Clear copy of my US SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, Copy of nursing foreign diploma (even if my school already send it to them) and copy my my visa/passport. AND HERE ARE MY QUESTIONS: 1. IS THIS A GOOD SIGN THAT THERE IS A CHANCE THAT I WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO TAKE THE NCLEX HERE IN CALIFORNIA? Since that's the only things they ask from me (as of now)? -3 of my classmates already got there eligibility letter last march 2016 and when i asked them about this letter, they received it too. 2. Is there anyone here applied in BON CALIFORNIA and received this kind of letter(and same things they asked) but still denied? 3. Will BON CALIFORNIA will tell you directly in there first response that you're ineligible to take the exam and you need to take this and that subjects or they just normally send this kind of letter to all applicants? 4. If you're reading this and you applied to bon california and you graduated in the philippines or you know someone who applied in bon california and graduated in the philippines, what was the content of the first letter that you received from BON CALIFORNIA? I dont know what to feel, should i be happy or sad because of this letter lol pls answer my questions thanks
  6. Hi i graduated last march 2015 and passed the nursing exam last may 2015 from philippines. And now i live in California with my family. These are my questions: 1. Can i take nclex in california? 2. My classmate applied in BON California last November and he received a letter stating he is eligible to take the exam, so does it mean he is really eligible to take the nclex here in california?cause what I've heard California is very strict in terms of nursing application if youre not a gradaute here in CA. 3.last December 2015 i applied in cgfns and its for BON TEXAS and last feb 2016 they responded to me that my papers was approved and met all the required requirements. Since then, I haven't send any application in bon texas cause my classmate told me to try applying in BON California since he got his "eligibility letter" and it gave me kinda hope that bon CA might consider my case. And what i saw in BON CA website that "BON CA is requiring a cgfns report,but if you already have they will accept it", so should i request in cgfns to send a copy of my report to BON CA? it will require me $210 if i send it and its non-redundable. 4. Has anyone of tried sending cgfns report to BON CA? What is there respond?and aside from cgfns report did you send anything to BON Ca upon sending the cgfns report? Plss help me thank u