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  1. DaniTheEnchanted

    undocumented nursing students or graduates

    Good for you! Anyone who have DACA have you ever tried to endorse to another state?? If so, what was the process?? Was it difficult??
  2. DaniTheEnchanted

    Passed NCLEX with Second Attempt

    I gor this for free from my school. I wouldnt suggest getting this if you dont want to spend more money. Lippincott passpoint is an app. It's similar to Uworld per say but the questions are different. It goes by levels. Each level the difficulty increases. I did the 75 questions practice exam twice and I both go the score of Pass. So, I knew I was heading towards the right direction. I also recommend subscribing to Lippincott question of the day. It's free and it email you the questions. I wake up daily doing this question even to now I still do it.
  3. DaniTheEnchanted

    Passed NCLEX with Second Attempt

    When I used Uworld I did about 50-100 questions a day. When I'm outside, going about or shopping, I used the Lippincott Passpoint and I would do at least 20-50 questions. I used the Lacharity book last, maybe 2 weeks before my exam. Lacharity really sealed it for me. When I was writing my exam, I would see questions with similar format. I knew I was getting priority questions and I absolutely felt that I was above the passing line. You would know if your not because the questions will be knowledge questions and not critical thinking one. Honestly, Uworld and LaCharity are all you will ever need. Prayers of course would be my top priority as well. These 3 helped me a lot to pass.
  4. DaniTheEnchanted

    NCLEX - Round 2 =)

    For me, Uworld and that prioritization book. Those 2 are all you'll ever need imo.
  5. DaniTheEnchanted

    Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Nclex-RN NY

    Is there anyone able to endorse to other state with DACA status?? I'm planning on endorsing to MD.
  6. DaniTheEnchanted

    University of Rhode Island

    Ugh I hate writing lol
  7. DaniTheEnchanted

    University of Rhode Island

    Nicee!! Thanks for recommending it!
  8. DaniTheEnchanted

    Feel like I don't know anything

    I am in the same position as you. I start this week and I am freaking out!! I've been trying to review some things but can't focus because of anxiety. First day If class orientation I barely slept the night before only 3 hours of sleep because I was so worried. Now I will be hitting the floor this week and I just couldn't sit still. My mind just won't stop thinking.
  9. DaniTheEnchanted

    Ventilator Unit or Subacute Rehab?

    My goal is to get into the hospital but because the city is saturated with BSN grads and experience required, hospital jobs are kind of tough to enter. I am going to start my BSN this fall but I just need to get some experience. My first job....I am recently hired from this Subacute/SNF rehab but I am unsure about this job as the management seems quite disorganized as it took them a while to give me my schedule. My floor orientation begins this week. However, a friend of mine referred to me to a new facility that will open this June and it's a respiratory focused facility with ventilator dependent patients. My friend will work PRN as she has another full time job. What do you guys think?? Please tell me your opinion on this and if you guus have any tips on first floor orientation will be gladly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your replies!
  10. DaniTheEnchanted

    Anyone had an experience like this??!!

    Update: So I called them today and I asked if I'm actually hired and the HR said I am and that I'm already in their system. I told her how I didn't hear from the Scheduler at all and she said that she is suppose to call me later today. She assured me I am already hired. She transferred me to the Scheduler and she told me that she spoke to the nurse educator and that they were deciding on what days they will put me for my Orientation floor. I am scheduled for Night shift but they think it's better to put me on Days for 4 weeks orientation first and then that remaining 2 weeks will be on nights which will be my regular schedule. I start floor orientation next week. Now I feel quite uncertain.
  11. DaniTheEnchanted

    Anyone had an experience like this??!!

    Thank you for all of your replies
  12. DaniTheEnchanted

    Anyone had an experience like this??!!

    I am planning on calling them tomorrow. I actually called today but the HR wasn't there.
  13. DaniTheEnchanted

    Anyone had an experience like this??!!

    Update: I still haven't heard anything from the HR or the Scheduler. I'm gonna try and call tomorrow and see what's going on because I'm so ready to apply elsewhere.
  14. DaniTheEnchanted

    Anyone had an experience like this??!!

    Well another day without a call from the Scheduler and no Welcome Aboard email even though the HR told me yesterday that she will send it to me. She did tell me about the pay and everything. I signed all the paperwork except this part. The HR told me I am already in their system and I am OK so far. Do you think it is too much to give them a week? should I just start looking for another job again?
  15. DaniTheEnchanted

    Anyone had an experience like this??!!

    Yes the job was offered to me via email. I accepted it via their website and I filled out some papers.