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  1. congratulations on your acceptance into the nursing Program I wish you the best !!! I have been a nurse for only three years and I love it. Good luck!
  2. I would like some advice please, I am looking into two universities for the MSN education track and I was wondering if anyone went to any of these two ( UWF or FAU). University of West Florida program is fully online and far away from me but Florida ...
  3. UWF Nursing School Fall 2019

    I applied for the FNP program for the fall but withdrawn so I can apply for the Nurse educator program instead. I am not sure if they are calling people already but I was told by the program coordinator that the program is very competitive because th...
  4. UPS Drivers make HOW much????

    If that UPS driver is making $75,000 he must be doing it for a very long time maybe over 30 years. I know nurses making that much after 3 years of experience just by working one extra shift every two weeks.
  5. Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    I love and proud to be a nurse. Nursing is my second degree, my first degree was in Finance then I switch from Finance to Nursing; it was the best decision that I have ever made for myself and my family. I make more money, I have more flexibility and...
  6. UWF Nursing School Fall 2019

    Mrs Paige is my admission coordinator not Mrs. Leslie. I am still waiting but am guessing if I was accepted I would be called already. I am worried that I would have to find my own preceptors for practicum if i guess accepted, not sure I want to deal...
  7. UWF Nursing School Fall 2019

    Oh wow they sent you an email of denial then call you to tell you that you got accepted? that is so weird. I receive an email yesterday stating that they need to make a decision on my application but my application is not complete but when i look onl...
  8. FAU FNP 2019

    ok thank you!
  9. FAU FNP 2019

    I am not sure but I applied at the last minute but I do have a very good GPA and I did my BSN at FAU too. I didnt think I would get called for an interview because I thought i had missed the deadline. I am still waiting on UWF but they do not help st...
  10. FAU FNP 2019

    Did they tell you how many days you will have to report to clinical during week days and also how many days for class? am thinking it might be 3 days but am not sure. Anyways I will accept the waitlist for now I have nothing to lose.
  11. FAU FNP 2019

    Hello Everyone, I received a letter today from FAU and they stated that they decided to place me on the wait list to let him know if I accept or reject the decision to be on waitlist. It was not a rejection letter. The letter stated that they had a ...
  12. FAU FNP 2019

    deadline was March 29 it already passed and they only admit once a year for the FNP.
  13. FAU FNP 2019

    Yes I am allowed to find my own preceptors, not sure how that work they probably give a list of leads. But I did some research it is a good school. it is far from me. The school is located in Pensacola, FL thats a two hours flight.
  14. FAU FNP 2019

    No fully online no brick or mortar classes. But if i get admitted ,I will have to go there for a week on the second year for some labs, suture practice etc... but they will let you know in advance. It is a little more flexible than FAU and it is sta...
  15. FAU FNP 2019

    I am still waiting but I also applied to UWF ( University of West Florida) part time FNP program. Just in case I dont get accepted into FAU FNP program, I still have one more chance.
  16. UWF Nursing School Fall 2019

    Thank you I am waiting anxiously. I did not get an acceptance letter from my other school yet but a lot of people did, so am assuming that I did not get in, so this is my only chance.
  17. UWF Nursing School Fall 2019

    I am so sorry did you get it by mail or email. I haven't heard from them yet. I am still waiting. you can always reapply and find out what you can do better next time.
  18. FAU FNP 2019

    oh ok lets wait and see. I still have some hope then.
  19. FAU FNP 2019

    what was the decision saying before acceptance? because mine is saying " referred to department" I interviewed at boca campus, I guess I did not get in . Am so sad.
  20. FAU FNP 2019

    Thank you!
  21. FAU FNP 2019

    thanks, so just click on application status?
  22. FAU FNP 2019

    where do you check your application status please?
  23. UWF Nursing School Fall 2019

    we will hear from them in may, that is what i was told.
  24. Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    It is interesting because I switch from finance to nursing years ago and I have to tell you that the pay was not good unless you were in sales, investment and making commissions. I chose nursing because I wanted job security, financial stability and ...
  25. FAU FNP 2019

    They asked questions like: 1) which campus are you interested in if you get accepted into the program 2) what does a nurse practitioner do 3) why did you chose FAU 4) Why should we choose you over other candidates 5) how do you deal with stressful s...