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  1. Ladyscrubs

    Do employers look at new grad grades?

    Prior to computer testing, before 1994, the NCLEX was scored. I believe you had to pass with a score of at least 1200. Passing NCLEX in 1988, my employer looked at the scores and hired the highest ranking; GPA wasn't the determining factor.
  2. Ladyscrubs

    A sure sign your recruiter doesn't understand pediatrics....

    Love those recruiters. I work LTACH, but they ask, "when is the last time you worked as a nurse?" Pretend I am your recruiter. "I know you said you have PALS and work pediatrics, but have you ever worked with children?"
  3. Ladyscrubs

    Rocephin injection question?

    Not just the mg's but also remember the ml's. For adults: 2 ml in the deltoid and thigh muscles, and up to 5 ml in the gluteus maximus. (Hint), Rocephen should be injected into a relatively large muscle. I am trying to remember the reconstitution, Hmm... I think, but don't quote me, that you might be injecting approx 4.6 ml's. Read your vials.
  4. Ladyscrubs

    Nursin intervention

    Since pain is a normal part of the inflammatory process, you would be wise to assess the patient's level of pain. Diabetic or not, the extent and depth of the wound will have some affect on pain sensations. Plus instructors love to see it on a care plan.
  5. Ladyscrubs

    14 yr LVN..in BSN Program. Trying to pick a specialty

    In my experience with my students, it was like pulling teeth trying to get a student in an O.R residency. Go for O.R. if you have the opportunity. If nothing else you might see some great surgeries and be awed by human anatomy that cannot be experienced or appreciated by merely looking at illustrations in a textbook. I'm excited, and it isn't even my residency!
  6. Ladyscrubs

    Above and beyond

    Well... Poor example. You obtained the order, and carried it out. The mere fact that you had to obtain the said order and your facility did not have the particular formula readily available, so you had to search for it, does not show me you went above and beyond; you were merely doing what was necessary or expected, aka, you were doing your job. To go above and beyond is when you do much better than is necessary or expected. Example: "The visitors to the hospital asked the nurse where the elevators were located. The nurse went above and beyond when she not only gave them directions and a hospital map but also took time to walk them to the elevators."
  7. Ladyscrubs

    Question about new PA PALS online BON registration

    Hi MedTrex Not from PA but do to lack of response to your inquiry, went on PA BON website. I did see the paper questionnaire/renewal of what you mentioned. Of what I read on the site and some of the new (download pdf regarding PALS) the questions on the renewal application will probably be the same, except it is an on-line format. Go on site, log in and read the application... you can log on and off as many times as you need without renewing at that time. I could go on myself and browse around if I wanted to create an account, so no big deal. When Ohio and later on when Michigan went to on-line renewal, it was found found to be the same questions as was on the paper form. The advantage is that you save a stamp and the BON gets their money quicker. If it says expunged records do not need to be disclosed.. well you are all set. DO it, do it now! "Yet is it far better to light the candle than to curse the darkness.":yes:
  8. Ladyscrubs


    First it would help to know what is going on with the patient. The nursing diagnosis is based off both the objective and subjective data. Per the three nursing diagnosis's you listed, it sounds like your patient could be experiencing premenstrual syndrome. Please be more specific:wacky:
  9. Ladyscrubs

    Help. Starting IV Piggy Backs without Primary Order

    Hi Starving, Okay I get what you are asking: The two are compatible, even though Mag is usually mixed in NS or D5W. Program both your channels as primary and put LR and Mag on primary tubing, connect the Mag line to the port of the LR under the pump,... I would connect to the lowest/closest port to the patient. Label your tubing, above and below the pump to make your line easy to trace.
  10. Ladyscrubs

    To airway or not?

    [quote"Jane received a haircut on Friday and decided to treat herself to a set of acrylic nails. Saturday morning she noticed her pinkie finger was tender and swollen. As happens, her PCP was not available on the weekend so Jane drove herself to the local ED where you are working. What is your primary goal?" ...maintain that airway :) HA, HA, Love it!
  11. Ladyscrubs

    Maternity is KILLING me. Is it just my school?

    Years ago, I went through a LPN fast track to diploma RN. The so called "fast track" was a four week maternity and a four week pediatrics classroom/clinical throughout the summer. Yuck! Just yuck, yuck, yucky. Oh my gosh, I can't stop saying yuck! Anyway, I got through, but just barely. It was a hot summer and they had the window air conditioners turned up to freezing and I kept falling to sleep in class. I thought I was going to die of hypothermia or information overload. I swore to the the heavens that if I made it through with a passing grade, I would never work in OB or Peds, just please let me pass. I did, and all these years later I have kept my promise... not hard to do since I almost got strangled by a ten year old with a Lincoln log during the Peds rotation, and I ain't too fond of the mama's birth'n babies. Hang in there
  12. Ladyscrubs

    Care plan

    Decreased cardiac output related to increased peripheral vascular resistance secondary to hypertension ( based solely on the fact that patient is on BP med aka metoprolol)
  13. Ladyscrubs

    Renewing my license with the new MiPlus

    Whoa! just noticed (not quite bright, me) the license is good for three years:yes:
  14. Ladyscrubs

    Lpn to RN

    If you as an LPN are making 64,000 plus in the Toledo area, you would be indeed be foolish to quit your job and get your RN. Have you looked at Owens Community College?
  15. Ladyscrubs

    Renewing my license with the new MiPlus

    Thanks Joseph, I almost forgot so thanks for posting. I went on and it took all of three minutes, but of course I had back in January spent a lot of time on the web site, yelling at it, so of course it was probably scared of me. Just like you said, I never received a receipt page I could print, it just returned me to an earlier page so I hit on my original license and printed off the screen where it said my license was active status until 03/25/2021. Very anticlimactic, very user unfriendly, and I agree, the cost was a bit of an ouch!