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  1. NurseNacole

    Admission to OSU Okmulgee

    @jessvop What is a good score to make? I feel Like I’ve studied so much my brain can’t take anymore and I just want to get it over with. I’m super worried because I dont know nothing about the “percentile” ranking.
  2. NurseNacole

    Admission to OSU Okmulgee

    @jessvop yeah, I have made A few posts on this site and asked others but no response in a few weeks lol. I’ve met a couple of instructors and they really were kind. I just hope I pass this test. My brain is spinning.
  3. NurseNacole

    Admission to OSU Okmulgee

    Finally a response.!! @jessvop thanks!! I will do that!! How did you do? Did you get into the program? How is it there?
  4. NurseNacole

    Kaplan Exit Exam

  5. NurseNacole

    Kaplan Test Anxieties

    How did you do. I am In the same boat right now!?
  6. NurseNacole

    Kaplan Fundamentals Exam

    I am Curious about how anyone has studied for the Kaplan Fundamentals challenge exam. I am taking it on April 22nd and I’ve been studying all over the place. I plan On applying to an LPN to RN program and this is a requirement. I have To score a minimum of 55th percentile ranking and I don’t see much information about this exam anywhere. Please help.!
  7. NurseNacole


    Are the accuplacer tests hard? How did you study for them ?
  8. NurseNacole

    OCCC CLP program Fall 2019

    I’m just curious if anyone has any information on OCCC’s Career Ladder Pathway application process? Is there anyone else who is applying? How many points do I need? How soon will I find something out? Would like info and others who are applying to be anxious with during the wait