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  1. LoveRNBSN

    USI Fall 2016

    Congratulations to all of you. I also receied my acceptance into the USI PMHNP track. Looking forward to starting soon! Best wishes to all!
  2. LoveRNBSN

    Passed my 2016 PMHNP exam!

    Congratulations to you! Wish you the best throughout your career! I just got accepted to the PMHNP program myself and looking forward to it! Which school did you attend?
  3. LoveRNBSN

    PCCN certification - Should I expect a pay differential?

    As everyone else has said, it really comes down to the place you work. Some places pay more, some places don't pay more but they acknowledge it in your records and some places give you a pat on your back but that's as far as it goes. Utimately, you do this for your own personal growth. You do it because it helps you become a better nurse and gives you the confidence to move forward in our chosen profession.
  4. LoveRNBSN

    2 year vs 3 year program

    I'm having difficulty trying to decide if I should pursue a 2 year NP program or a 3 year NP program while working full time? Any suggestions.....
  5. LoveRNBSN

    "Smart" students make bad nurses?

    Grades don't dictate how someone will do on the floor. I know plenty nurses who were "book smart" in school and still do excel in the clinical environment, while I also know those who are "book smart" and have a hard time working the floor. I must say though that I'm one who believes that most nurses can become great nurses (if not already) only given the right environment and support system.
  6. LoveRNBSN

    Is a fall occurrence of "zero" possible?

    Yup, have personally seen that happen as well. So what did ya'll do to deal with the situation?
  7. LoveRNBSN

    The worst job you had before becoming a Nurse?

    quote from nURse_dEZi dont shoot me... collections... Oh, so you was one of those!!! :-)
  8. LoveRNBSN

    The worst job you had before becoming a Nurse?

    Working at Burger King. Was A-Ok for the chup change in High School but would I want to do it again. Nah! :-) I would allow my children to work there though if they chose to because, if anything, they can learn work ethics there.. I think so....
  9. LoveRNBSN

    Is a fall occurrence of "zero" possible?

    There's nothing wrong with aiming for no falls but things out of a nurse's control happen unfortunately. The key is that you take the proper steps to prevent sentinel events from happening as much as possible. I remember a friend once told me that patients would purposely throw themselves to the ground so they could stay in the hospital longer and it would count as a fall event. So I mean, unfortunately, sometimes patients do things they should not be doing and it counts against the unit but nevertheless we have to aim for 0 as much as possible.
  10. LoveRNBSN

    working nurses that started late in life

    You know, there's no age to professional nursing growth. I know people who began nursing after retiring from a different profession. I also know nurses who started their masters in their 40s and 50s. I mean it's just like any other profession. There is no age requirement or cap as to when you want to pursue your education.
  11. LoveRNBSN

    MSN - Clinical Research - Phasing Out?

    I'm sure there is such specialty, since research is obviously a major branch of nursing, however, what surprises me is that it's being phased out.
  12. LoveRNBSN

    Best stethoscopes for people with hearing problems

    There are plenty stets available out there but I would definitely aim to get the electronic ones where you can adjust the volume and so forth. The only thing with those that some have told me is that sometimes they can misguide you as you get "fuzzy noise" at times. Never used one personally, but it's what I've been told.
  13. LoveRNBSN

    Only one nurse on a psych unit

    Where is this UHS organization located? What kid of patients do they treat? Has the issue been brought up toa nursing safety committee before? It is kinda unsafe depending on the acuity of the patients.
  14. Do the schools you're looking at attending offer any financial aid such as scholarships, grants, etc...? Sometimes that may make a big difference as well. Many of the private schools offer financial packages that often times rival those of smaller cheaper schools.
  15. LoveRNBSN

    Is medsurg worth it?

    I believe you should find a good solid internship in med surg and get trained to work there. Med Surg is the foundation to all other specialties, so you can easily transfer those skills to other areas that may interest you. Whenever I have an opportunity to train new nurses, I always tell them to try out different areas of nursing. Don't get stuck in any one area because you never know what you may be missing on. I do know there are people who work in Med Surg, ICU, ER, OB-GYN, or OR from the beginning of their career to the end. But again, you may be missing out on an adventure in nursing. If you're bored where you are, then you need a change.
  16. LoveRNBSN

    MSN for Psych Np @ Midwestern State

    I did apply. However, I wouldn't mind getting some hindsight from someone who's been through it.