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Protect yourself and your career with Nurses Service Organization (NSO) malpractice insurance that's both comprehensive and affordable.

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About Nurses Service Org

Nurses Service Org specializes in Malpractice Insurance.

Nurses Service Organization (NSO) has been providing medical malpractice insurance to nursing professionals since 1976. Over 500,000 nursing professionals and more than 40 professional nursing associations put their trust in NSO. Our association partners and the NSO Nurses Advisory Board help keep us apprised of potential new exposures in the nursing field. We then work with our insurance carrier, CNA, to update our nurses’ malpractice policy so that it stays current with the ever-changing medical landscape.

For 40 years, Nurses Service Organization (NSO) has been helping defend RNs, nurse practitioners, LPN/LVNs, nursing aids and student nurses from medical malpractice lawsuits.  More than 575,000 nursing professionals safeguard their careers with malpractice insurance through NSO.

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  1. An ER nurse has a rough day at work. When she gets home she vents on Facebook about her exhausting shift, about the drug addict that staggered in, about the drunk that urinated on himself in the waiting area, and how irritable each of her patients we...
  2. Though it can vary by state, typically the statute of limitations to file a medical malpractice lawsuit is two to three years. Though most claims are settled out of court, if it does go to trial, the average malpractice case takes 3-5 years to resolv...