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  1. Murse0341

    Chamberlain University January 2021

    That’s awesome. As long as you go over that you should be in. Don’t quote me on it. I’m still waiting on mine as well. I had to send in a transcript from a university I attended. Then it was lost for a few days. But I spoke with my counselor she says I should be reviewed this Wednesday. So I hope to have an update soon so I can make that move to LV soon. what did you transfer in?
  2. Murse0341

    Chamberlain University January 2021

    No I didn’t think it was that hard. Just study the study guides and you should be good. The part that surprised me was the math. I’d done up to Calc 2 and that was my lowest scored section out of the entire exam 🤦🏽‍♂️ It was a little embarrassing hahaha. But you should be OK.
  3. Murse0341

    Chamberlain University January 2021

    I’m sure since they are going to cover all of your transfer classes you’re accepted. If not they’d have no reason to move forward with a second appointment. At least that’s the way it played out for me when I was accepted the first time here in Texas. I should be hearing something back this week or next on whether I’ve been accepted or not. I did ask my admissions representative if I had a chance of being accepted once again. She looked at my file and told me there’s no reason I should not get a positive response one day once the decision review board have reviewed my files. So maybe we will be in classes together!
  4. Just wondering if anyone else is applying or has been accepted to the January 2021 cohort. I am currently in west Texas working in the oil fields. I absolutely hate it. I applied and was accepted to the Pearland Chamberlain campus back in 2017. I completed Nurs-103 and had to stop attending for personal reasons. But I reached out recently to apply for the Las Vegas campus. I've talked a second time with admissions and updated my app for the January start date. I was told since I am a former student I don't need to retake the HESI. All im waiting for is for the evaluation board to review my file and accept me. So I wanted to start this thread for admitted or potentially admitted students so we can get to know each other and network together.
  5. For my semester I originally signed up for Session1: Critical reasoning - Online Transition into the Nursing Profession - On campus meeting every Thursday 0800-1150 Session2: Principles of Ethics - Online Health and Wellness - On campus meeting every Mon. & Tue. 0900-1150 The first session ends this coming week but I was dropped from the online course because I could not access it initially due to the Hurricane and power outages in our area. So I am only taking Transition which is the easiest class you will take in the program. No tests no final just easy work. The rest of the program is going to be intense though. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  6. I am currently finishing my first session here at the Pearland campus. Chamberlain accepted a total of 47 credits for prereqs. There are only 3 prereqs that I am missing( Principles of Ethics, Critical Reasoning, and Statistics). With that being said I have the ability to take those prereqs with the regular nursing courses without it holding me back from moving on through the program at any point. The least amount of time anyone can spend at Chamberlain is 2 years and 8 weeks from what I was told by two different student service advisors. 8 weeks isn't much of a difference if you think about it so I say go for it. But I definitely recommend doing all of your prereqs at a community college before applying to Chamberlain so it is cheaper in the long run.
  7. I think you should drop by the campus and speak to someone about that
  8. Thanks, I appreciate it. What other places are you looking at? I didn't get to start in May so I am starting for the September start date. Already registered!
  9. You are very welcome!
  10. Sure re but check out these videos on YouTube and maybe they'll answer some of your questions before you ask. Juan Perez - YouTube
  11. No I start May 1st
  12. I believe 73% is the minimum. I'm sure the info is on their website though. So don't quote me on it.
  13. They require all sections to be taken minus physics. And there is an overall average taken.
  14. That's awesome! Congrats! Same here I can't wait to get started. I have to do my drug and background check soon still. And I'm guessing we will be meeting at the orientation day on the 18th.
  15. Hey I got accepted! Just thought I'd give you the update.
  16. Hello everyone, i just wanted to create a thread for those that are planning on attending the Pearland Campus. I was recently accepted and wanted to know who would be in my classes with me. I just met with the advising department yesterday and got my plan. It shows that it will take me exactly 2 years til I am complete with the program. Hopefully some of you chime in.