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  1. Chamberlain University January 2021

    Thanks! 🙃 I’ll be attending the Vegas location as well. My admissions rep told me she is 90% sure that my classes will still be online because there are allegedly more cases of COVID in LV area. As for labs she says they will be held on campus but ot...
  2. Chamberlain University January 2021

    That’s awesome. As long as you go over that you should be in. Don’t quote me on it. I’m still waiting on mine as well. I had to send in a transcript from a university I attended. Then it was lost for a few days. But I spoke with my counselor she says...
  3. Chamberlain University January 2021

    No I didn’t think it was that hard. Just study the study guides and you should be good. The part that surprised me was the math. I’d done up to Calc 2 and that was my lowest scored section out of the entire exam 🤦🏽‍♂️ It was a little embarrassing hah...
  4. Chamberlain University January 2021

    I’m sure since they are going to cover all of your transfer classes you’re accepted. If not they’d have no reason to move forward with a second appointment. At least that’s the way it played out for me when I was accepted the first time here in Texas...
  5. Chamberlain University January 2021

    The minimum GPA is 2.75. As far as I know they require you to do the HESI. Initially when I talked to the admissions rep she told me that I would have to take it. But she said that I would have to schedule a test time with them and I could take it on...
  6. Just wondering if anyone else is applying or has been accepted to the January 2021 cohort. I am currently in west Texas working in the oil fields. I absolutely hate it. I applied and was accepted to the Pearland Chamberlain campus back in 2017. I com...
  7. Chamberlain University January 2021

    I am applying for the Las Vegas Campus. I attended one session in Pearland, TX (2017) and had to stop after completing the class there for personal reasons. I literally just spoke to admissions about an hour ago. I don't have to retake the HESI. I re...
  8. For my semester I originally signed up for Session1: Critical reasoning - Online Transition into the Nursing Profession - On campus meeting every Thursday 0800-1150 Session2: Principles of Ethics - Online Health and Wellness - On campus meeting ever...
  9. I am currently finishing my first session here at the Pearland campus. Chamberlain accepted a total of 47 credits for prereqs. There are only 3 prereqs that I am missing( Principles of Ethics, Critical Reasoning, and Statistics). With that being said...
  10. I think you should drop by the campus and speak to someone about that
  11. Thanks, I appreciate it. What other places are you looking at? I didn't get to start in May so I am starting for the September start date. Already registered!
  12. You are very welcome!
  13. Sure re but check out these videos on YouTube and maybe they'll answer some of your questions before you ask. Juan Perez - YouTube
  14. No I start May 1st
  15. I believe 73% is the minimum. I'm sure the info is on their website though. So don't quote me on it.