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  1. Tingmo

    All About Nclex/Uworld/Pvt Trick July 2019

    Hi - am sure you ACE it and I wish you the best moving on. Guess our real test begins now.
  2. Tingmo

    All About Nclex/Uworld/Pvt Trick July 2019

    Hi, thank you for the wishes. As far as your questions are concern, I would say I had about 13-15 SATA and 3-4 procedure related question (out of 80 something question). SATA questions were definitely straight forward and to the point. Definitely there wasn’t any that ask me about sign and symptoms or answers that requires you to memorize rather it was broad and based on understanding the concept. Also I had about 3-4 procedure related question - I can’t pin point which procedure (steps )but it wasn’t so different from applying PPE ,stuff like clean wound or cauterization. Tricks that I used to calm myself • Every time I saw SATA or procedural question I keep saying I am doing good that’s why I am getting those ( and it calmed me down instead of making me nervous ) • I trusted my first instinct and didn’t change any answer no matter ( my weakness during school exams, I change lot of answers and most often I get them wrong ) You have read enough that your bases are strong as a nurse - whatever question u will see - your first instinct as a nurse will most often lead you to the right answer. trust me I used to change lot of answers during school exams and I am glad I did and got them all wrong. I finally spent time to think over it and started to trust my first instinct and it helped me pass not only school finals but nclex too. Best wishes
  3. Tingmo

    All About Nclex/Uworld/Pvt Trick July 2019

    Congratulations you did it !
  4. Tingmo

    All About Nclex/Uworld/Pvt Trick July 2019

    How did you do ? Am sure you did great.
  5. Tingmo

    All About Nclex/Uworld/Pvt Trick July 2019

    @_Cecilia_ Thank you and my best wishes.
  6. Last week ( 07/11/2019) took my Nclex-RN and two days later got my result ( PASS ). This site has been very helpful in clarifying a lot of my doubts about Nursing school/work and what not. So I came back to post my own experience and in hopes of helping some people find answers to their question. I graduated ADN program ( LPN/LVN - RN bridge - Helene Fuld college of nursing.NY) back in MAY 2019. Took a month off which I regret. but you know yourself better so if you need to take a break go for it but if you ask for my advice - take no more than a week following graduation. As a student, I was an average student. I never memorize anything other than lab values and I try to study the concept behind any disease and stuff. I suck at pharmacology. so wanted to share that before anything. I strictly used Uworld ( bought a one-month subscription), did 100 + question in a day, completed 2150 plus question in 23/24 days. 100 question in a day, did study mode and went with the system to system. Read all the rationale wrong or right. Saved rationales and created a flash card to review later and to review everything a day before nclex. you can review saved flash card - system-wise as well. To create flash card either click on the diagram or just select rationales and save in flash card pops out. On all my Study/exam mode. My lowest grade has been 48% and highest 65%. at the end of completion ( 2150 question ), my average was 58% on Uworld. Didn't do their evaluation etc. So took the nclex on July 11th and stop at 80 something. Nclex set up ( color wise) is very similar to Uworld which helps. I was just answering with the best of my understanding. Never felt confident enough about any of my answer. So after 80 something, it stopped and I walk out of the test in confusion and lack of confidence. Did Pearson VUE trick right after using my real credit card,( you can do it by changing the expiration date ) had a good POP out. ( says I can't register at this time. ). Did after 2 hours and same good pop up, did after 8 hours same good pop up and did one more time after 24 hours and same good pop up. after 48 hours I purchase my quick result and it says I pass. I thank everyone who has shared their opinion on this site. I will be happy to share my exp if anyone has any question. I started this writing suggesting it will be short and to the point. I think this is as short as it could be. Best wishes. Tsering RN

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