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LanaWRN has 16 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg, Home Health, EMR, Nurse Educator.

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  1. LanaWRN

    The Impact of Christmas

    Thank you! And ironically, just a few days after asking a friend who was a nurse with me there if she remembered this experience she ran into the patient's wife after all these years and they talked about this!
  2. LanaWRN

    The Impact of Christmas

    15 years ago, I was working every weekend in a large hospital as a Certified Nurse Aide while going to nursing school through the week. In December, my first year working there I met Mr. C. Mr. C was young, energetic, and seemingly healthy when he w...
  3. So you’re considering applying to a nursing program? Or you just got accepted? Congratulations! Now what? How do you prepare yourself and your family for the major time commitment you are about to tackle? Many students are already entrenched in ...
  4. LanaWRN

    Continuing ed for educators

    I'm an adjunct faculty member with MSN-Ed. Are there any online continuing ed courses I can take related to education? I try to do a lot of general topics and med-surg (my specialty) but would love to keep up with the world of education.
  5. LanaWRN

    Confused as heck

    Requirements in most places to be an adjunct: have a BSN or MSN, experience in the setting the clinical is taking place or in the course being taught, be hired. CNE is a certification that is not required, perhaps you're talking about a post-masters ...
  6. LanaWRN

    Any educators have...

    Were you grandfathered in for the capstone to be able to complete it outside of an educational setting per the new March requirement? The capstone should be facility specific, so how did you write it without facility information? Without using some ...
  7. I was recently hired for the community college as an adjunct for the RN program. Then the PN program asked if I'd be able to help with their clinicals as well. I'm doing a couple of weeks for RN then a month of PN. ANy advice for switching mindset b...
  8. LanaWRN

    WGU MS Integrated Healthcare Mgmt

    I almost did this program but decided on the education program instead. If this program had been a MSN instead of a business degree I would have done it. I think it depends on what your goals are? I wanted an option to teach so my degree needs to be ...
  9. LanaWRN

    Grads of LPN-RN or RN-BSN what did you miss?

    I'm not saying there is a difference, however my personal experience was that there wasn't a great focus on transitioning the clinical thought process to higher level. I was still thinking as a nurse, but not to see the picture through a BSN lense, t...
  10. If you graduated from a LPN-BSN or RN-BSN what do you feel was lacking in your program? What did you feel unprepared for after graduation and entering the workforce as a BSN? I've talked to a couple of nurses who transitioned from LPN-RN/BSN who felt...
  11. LanaWRN

    RN-BC 30 CE Requirement

    I used CE's from nursece 4 less dot com (all 1 word and .com - not sure I can include the link here? I used them to renew my med-surg certification through ANCC and there are topics on Issues in Nursing, cultural competent care, ethica, and more that...
  12. LanaWRN

    MSN-Ed to DNP?

    I'm currently in a MSN-Ed program but still in core classes so no education specialty ones yet. I stared panicking a little this week wondering if I'm in the right track. I want to teach at one of our local universities so started looking at DNP opti...
  13. I'll complete my MSN in the spring and am hoping to apply for some educator positions after that. While I have extensive med-surg, telemetry, home health experience as well as 1-2 years (by the time I'm ready to apply) as a clinical analyst working...
  14. I'm new to HH so the whole aspect of coding/dx codes is new to me. We have coders who review our charts but have to enter something relevant in our initial soc in order to submit it to be reviewed. Everyone tells me I'll quickly start remembering the...