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  1. atxfnp

    Hospice F2F recert visits

    Does anyone here do hospice recertification visits? Can you tell me what area you are in and your pay rate for these? I've been doing this as a PRN side job for about 5 years and have had the same pay rate ($100 a visit) the whole time. I want to ask for a raise but am curious what an appropriate rate is to ask for.
  2. atxfnp

    Hospice FTF Recert visits?

    I do this on a PRN basis in addition to my almost full time job. I only see about 3-6 pts a month. I usually spend less than 15 minutes on the actual pt visit but when you factor in drive time, charting, and reviewing pt records it's more like 45-60min. Obv, I'm a lot quicker with pt's I already know well vs new ones. I didn't get much training at all but I work full time in a SNF/LTC facility so am pretty familiar with hospice pts. I shadowed our medical director for one pt and went to one IDT meeting and that was it. As far as resources go, I have a little flip book with the clinical criteria for recertification for each disease process that I use, that's really about it.
  3. atxfnp

    Are their flexible schedules for mothers who are FNPs?

    Many outpatient jobs will have those hrs but remember if you have a child, when they are sick it might be harder to take a sick day from those jobs when it will require rescheduling a whole day worth of pts. I do know several people who work part time in outpatient specialty clinics. I work in LTC and SNFs and it is very flexible scheduling with the capability to be full or part time.
  4. atxfnp

    NP bonuses.Curious about others

    I'm in SNF/LTC with occasional rounding in AL. I work with a group who is independent of the hospital and the facilities. We get productivity bonuses based on our collections- a % of collections over a certain number. I typically see 14-18 pts per day