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  1. I work in an acute rehab and was taking care of a patient with an ileal conduit. When ambulating with the patient to the bathroom, she complained of feeling really tired, weak, and wasn't walking as well as she had a few days before when I last worked with her. But she was still able to walk and toilet with 1 assistance. When she finished on the toilet, I took her vitals. BP 70s/40s, HR 140, temp 99.something and SpO2 98. I immediately paged the MDs. They came to see her and ordered fluids, labs and urine and blood cultures. All orders were completed which meant obtaining urine cultures from the ileal conduit. The ileal conduit was in an ostomy bag that was connected to a longer urine collection bag for when the patient was in bed asleep so we wouldn't have to empty her ostomy bag as frequently. I collected the urine sample from the ostomy bag rather than the larger collection bag to reduce contamination. Labs came back and her WBCs since the two days that she last had labs collected went from 9 to 29. The doctors and I went into presumed sepsis mode and transferred the patient to the ICU. Thankfully, the ICU was able to get the patient back to us in the clear after a few days. Two weeks later, I get a call from infection control asking for details about how I collected the urine sample. I explained how I collected the sample and was told that I should have straight cath'ed the ileal conduit for the most accurate sample (I didn't even know that was possible). The call ended with them telling me that there will be some follow up encounters. My unit educator was on the call and told me not to worry, but I cant help but worry. What are potential outcomes of this scenario?