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Illinois Masonic RN Residency

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Hey everyone,

I will be graduating from Rush in August and I'm already thinking about my path post school. I have been looking in to the Illinois Masonic RN residency program and was hoping to get some feedback. Most of the posts about the program on here are quite general or specifically about the interview process. Here are some of my questions for people who have gone through/are in the RN residency program or even for people who work at Illinois Masonic.

1. What attracted you to the RN residency program? Or what attracted you to work at Illinois Masonic?

2. What would be some of the strengths of the residency program/working at Illinois Masonic?

3. What are some weaknesses or disadvantages of the program/working at Illinois Masonic?

4. How is the program set up? Did you feel supported by the staff/preceptor/etc?

5. What advice would you give to someone looking in to the program?

6. When exactly are the program start dates?

7. What is the starting salary like for the residency program/ new grad nurse?

Thanks so much!

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