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  1. Hello, I am a registered nurse in the U.S and planning to move to Canada. I took NCLEX about 5 yrs ago. Will College of nursing Ontario require me to sit for RN Jurisprudence Examination? or would the NCLEX exam be enough to get me licensed? Thanks
  2. Sweetbeth

    US RN moving to London UK

    I live in NY and my take home is not even among the highest for nurses in this area. New grad RN working night shift in Northwell hospital or NYP earns close to 110k per year before tax. I am a RN care manager and I work with some new grad RNs whose salary is just 5k less than mine in the same position. You earn high in NY but you also spend alot on cost of living
  3. Hello, Please, I need information about Stonybrook ED I have an offer to start next year, does anyone work at Stonybrook hospital on long island? How is the work environment? What is rn-patient ratio in the er? do they have enough staff at their ED? Thanks
  4. Sweetbeth

    Northwell health home care any advice

    Hello Shelldepeas, did you eventually took the home care job with northwell? I really need your insight, am currently thinking of working for them too. Please tell me about your experience. Thanks.
  5. Sweetbeth

    CDN certification help

    Please I need your suggestions on what material I can use to prepare for the certified dialysis nurse exam. Thanks.
  6. I didn't like it at first but now am halfway through and I think I am learning a lot and I think it's a good program, make sure you line up your preceptors. Just like most distance learning you need to find your own preceptor. Also another good thing about the program is the life model for their history and physical assessment during the immersion week, you get to practice on the life model and it's kinda give you a feel of reality and your role as an NP.
  7. Sweetbeth

    My professor told us NPs have no future...

    Am sure the professor is not a clinician and hasn't been to any healthcare institution lately. Most clinics and hospitals prefer to hire NPs over PA, from research there was more patient satisfaction with NP than PAs, physicians trust NPs more than PAs in patient management. Infact more than ever before there are more opportunities for NPs and the future seems more promising.
  8. I also got admitted to spring arbor fnp, currently in the ethics class and I hate it, the instructor is too full of herself, not helpful nor understanding, thinking of dropping the class and looking for a better school
  9. Sweetbeth

    Walden FNP or Spring Arbor FNP??

    Am starting class this month with spring arbor
  10. Sweetbeth

    Walden FNP or Spring Arbor FNP??

    Hello Nurses, I got acceptable for the FNP program at both Walden and Spring Arbor, I will like to know your opinions about these schools. Kindly comment on any of the program if you are or know anyone in any of the programs Really need help to decide on which one to choose. Thanks.
  11. Sweetbeth

    RN Refresher course NY/NJ

    I think you should just apply for new grad position, apply to nursing home for a new grad nurse position to get some experience before applying to hospitals. I don't think you need a refresher course after you already passed the nclex. You can volunteer and shadow some nurses too
  12. Sweetbeth

    Just 6hrs Paycheck

    I actually worked 4 shifts for the first week and worked 1 shift the following week and each shift was 8hrs. I was paid the second week for 6hrs.
  13. Sweetbeth

    Just 6hrs Paycheck

    Hello Nurses, As anyone worked for an agency who paid for just 6hrs after working 5 shift? I Just started working for an agency called Floral agency and got 6hrs pay after working for 5 shifts, the agency is not opened today and I have to wait till Monday to get an explanation for this. Anyone there with similar experience?
  14. Sweetbeth

    Im 53 and looking into Becoming a CNA

    Work in Doctor's office or hospital
  15. Sweetbeth

    Im 53 and looking into Becoming a CNA

    Instead of CNA I think you should consider Medical Assistant, better for your age
  16. Sweetbeth

    Got my first CNA job. Really scared.

    Just be yourself and be calm you will get along