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Purplemim has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Medical Surgical Nursing.

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  1. Purplemim

    Being a nurse in South Shore Hospital

    Hi, I just had an interview with South Shore Hospital and looking forward to working here. I was hoping if someone could tell me about working as a nurse there? I have almost a year of medsurg/tele experience so I am most likely going to end up on that floor. How are new nurses treated? How fast is the pace? Does the medsurg/tele have a high level acuity or not? I am hoping I get a response so I do not end up in another toxic floor and do not fit in ๐Ÿ˜”
  2. Hi all! I am looking for a medsurg nurse job in Emerson Hospital, MA. I was hoping I hear from someone who works there. I am currently almost 10 months in medsurg/tele nursing experience. I am looking for a new job because I currently work in a hospital out of state and want to work in MA since that's where I live. I want to know how new nurses are treated? the culture? I hope it is not another toxic facility. When I started working it was a struggle. But now I can say I have grown as a nurse and I am better than before and still learning. I am tired of the nurse bullies where I work! I was almost ready to quit nursing because of them! ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  3. "Then they wonder why they can't keep nurse" This statement right here! So much truth!
  4. So I got the job on the med surg floor and starting next week for orientation!!! I am so excited!!! Thanks for your feedback!
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    That is a very good question!
  6. Purplemim

    Frustrated trying to get a hospital job!

    I suggest you should consider the hospital that is a one hour commute. I do not know what kind of hospitals you have applied to but have you considered smaller hospitals? community hospitals? Acute rehab hospitals? Some of these may be a long commute from home if you live in a major city or capital city but it is worth the experience and the money i.e. it is better than no job at all. The longer you wait for a job, the more you lose your nursing school knowledge and skills! Think about that...
  7. Purplemim

    Non-Hospital jobs for new grads?

    I believe some home health agencies do hire new grads. I do not know how long the training is but I believe they will train you. You will meet nurses who have experience in it so you can keep their contact in case you need help, they could be one call away. As for non-hospital jobs, there are skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, short term/long term rehab centers, rehab hospitals available to apply to. Some rehab hospitals have high acuity so could give you good experience because they sometimes get patients even from ICUs. Community hospitals, even though they are hospitals, they are usually in rural areas or towns far from major or capital cities. They do not get as many patients as bigger hospitals do and may be a longer drive from home but it is worth a shot. You can still get medsurg, OR, L&D, ICU and even ED floor experience there. It is also a good place to start, you may even like it and want to stay. All the best!
  8. Purplemim

    Canโ€™t pass the NCLEX

    Hi. So I also just graduated in May this year. I am sorry that you haven't been able to pass the NCLEX but do not give up. I passed my NCLEX exam on first try in July. Do not know why you have not passed but all I can give you is what I did to pass mine: So my school also offered us ATI. I went to the 3 day review. Actually it was one day because we had some issues with ATI(long story!) and ATI had refund us our money because they were being unfair. So we got the book and the online resources for free due to their mistake. I took a month off studying, some part of May to June to relax and celebrate my graduation. Then started watching the videos and reading the book. I also used UWorld as a learning tool. I did not watch all the videos and read the whole book but I tried to focus on my weakest area following the ATI predictor exam I took. My predictor exam results were borderline so I was nervous a little. I did some ATI with UWorld qs then signed up for another ATI predictor exam my school offered voluntarily in June. This time my results were good. I stopped ATI qs and used UWorld questions as a LEARNING TOOL and not to determine how well I am going to do in nclex. I did about 2000 qs on UWorld then I wrote one UWorld assessment exam and had a high chance of passing. Took two days off doing qs. The day before my exam, I went over the ATI videos in my weakest areas and took it the next day. UWorld RATIONALES! UWorld RATIONALES! UWorld RATIONALES! Read them very well!!! It is worth the money you spend on it. I found the questions much harder than NCLEX, they were getting ridiculous at a point. My average was 48% and I was scared. But UWorld is a learning tool, so does not determine how good or bad you will do on NCLEX. I also suggest drinking a lot of water starting from 2 days before the test, eating a lot of blueberries and/or walnuts at least a week before the exam(It helps with brain power and memory! It really works). Also I know this sounds ridiculous but try to relax and unwind. When I started studying, I used to spend 5-10 hours a day just because of how long the UWorld rationales were and it was wearing me out. I reduced it to at 2-6 hours and it helped. You got this! Don't give up!
  9. I am a new grad nurse. I finished my bachelors in nursing in May 2019, passed my boards and licensed to work in Massachusetts. I am currently looking for a job in a hospital for a medsurg position. I got some offers and interviews but the one that I seem to like the most is Day Kimball Hospital in Putnam, CT. I know I have to get a CT license now but that is fine with me. Driving there from home is not a problem at all for me because home is 30 minutes away but 40 minutes with traffic. I have an interview there and hoping I like the place and get hired. Looks like a small community hospital. It has different specialties but about 100 beds so it is definitely a small community hospital. I wonder if anyone knows anything about? Maybe someone who works there? So I have an idea of what I am getting in to.